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May 2, 2008 03:28 PM

Hunan House in Middletown

Anyone know what's going on with Hunan House on Rte. 35 in Middlletown? I've been going there for years, and when I call now, there's no answer.

Have they closed their doors? I hope not!

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  1. First off, I should have put Middletown, NJ in the title. I forgot that at the time.

    I did some research, and I answered my own question, but thought I'd post it here for anyone who has been going to Hunan for as many years as I have (25+ years).

    I was sorry to hear that it has been sold. The new owners are currently doing renovations, but say that they plan to keep things similar.

    I loved the food there, and have tried many places locally. I was always disappointed in other restaurants. There were some standout dishes at Hunan House, and the previous owner, who also did some cooking there, will be missed greatly.

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      highlandsnj, thanks for the followup. We're also big time fans, long time supports of HH. I hope I can still purchase a tray of egg rolls for baking at home. Love their pickled broccoli and shrimp 3 way!

    2. I just drove by here today and it seems it has turned into a new restaurant named Bando. There was an ad for it in the Chinese newspaper promoting their xiao long bao (soup buns) and taiwanese style food. If anyone stops by here, please let us know your experience!

      Oops I guess this was already discussed!