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San Diego - Pearl Hotel anyone?

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Just curious if anyone has checked out the food at the Pearl Hotel. I haven’t read much on the boards about it, so I guess I get “early adopter” status?! Cool, because personally, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve had on my two visits (third one this weekend for brunch). The first time was a couple of weeks ago and I wasn’t really hungry, so I had a beer and a side of fries at their bar near the pool—cool looking indoor-outdoor sort of eatery, BTW! The fries were amazing and I’m a french frie junkie. Very crispy and light tasting. They came topped with the perfect amount of salt and pepper. Then I went again and had their burger (sorry I’m not being real “foodie” with my menu choices), which was very juicy, and the cucumber vodka-infused cocktail was amazing. Their menu doesn’t say the brand of beef, but it was really good quality and a definite player in the upscale burger wars. Better than Burger Lounge and right up there with Jayne’s Gastro Pub, my other favorite burgers. Also, like Jayne’s I like the short menu. I’d rather have places stick to their core competencies rather than sport a long menu that can’t be executed well. Overall, I’m excited the Pearl. It’s like this “hidden gem”—Point Loma, you know. Need to try the Sunday brunch, which I got an email about the other day. I promise to be more adventurous this time!

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  1. That's good to hear, I understand they're on their 4th chef, and I've heard nothing good thus far - they even got a bad write up in the UT. And there's nothing wrong with a good burger as a foodie menu choice! I think it's a great way to gauge how a restaurant puts its stamp on a traditional favorite. I also like Urban Solace and Farmhouse's burgers - and the Drugstore Burger at the Torrey Pines Lodge.

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      Alice, you might want to try the Pearl out, I've really enjoyed my experiences there and my taste buds say that the new culinary team is doing an excellent job. Ingredients-wise, they're serving some grass-fed and heritage meats and local produce, and they're curing their own bacon which is delicious. I think the Pearl is a real benefit to our restaurant scene.

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        Awesome, I will definitely check it out - glad to hear they seem to have ironed out the problems!

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        did the chef they picked up from stingaree depart already?

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          No, that is the "new culinary team" I was talking about. I ate there recently, after they'd been running the kitchen for about a month, which is of course very little time.


      3. Did this used to be a 'dive' motel awhile ago..not that I know anything about that kind of stuff..

        1. Nice to see others have given the Pearl a try. I actually did go back for the Sunday brunch and was impressed all-around. I like that it was a casual thing with music (a good DJ) and everyone seemed in a good mood – diners, servers, etc. The weather was sunny, so eating by the poolside table was nice. I had the cream and currant stuffed French toast made with the bread from Con Pane (a bakery I should probably visit). Crisp edges and warm, soft center to the toast. The coffee was strong and the mimosas kept coming at a steady pace. Overall, $20 well spent and we beat the waiting crowd. Like Jayporter said (above)the chef haven’t been there long. He was greeting some servers and stopped to chat. Seemed like a happy kind of guy. Our server was nice too, and when we told her we’d be back, was nice enough to say that they’d be closed on Mother’s Day but open the week after. Might be too hard to compete on a holiday with the big old buffet-type restaurants. Actually makes sense, since I remember taking my own mom to the Prado a couple of years ago and it was packed.

          1. I have not had very good experience with the food there but the atmosphere is pretty cool. The Dive In Movie Theater on Wednesday nights, gotta check it out. And on monday night they have a $5 you call it for industry people. The new chef is supposed to be a step up from what they had before. Cant be a step down! I will wait for him to get adjusted and then I will maybe check it out......I will let you know.

            1. We went to the Pearl Hotel this weekend before moving on to a bayside concert. What a great way to begin a summer evening...poolside at the Pearl with refreshing infused cocktails and interesting food made with talent and quality ingredients. The scene is a really fun little oasis amid the nothingness that is Rosecrans street. The owners have rennovated on old run down hotel/motel (as this area is riddled with) to reflect the kitchy-cool, mod-hipness of the 60's with a wink of a sense of humor. We (arrived around 6:30pm on Saturday and there was only one other party dining at the time. This is a good time to go if you are there to try the food and not "the scene", as I was told it gets rather loud and ramped up as the evening progresses. We decided to just sample appetizers on our first trip and judging from our first offerings this restaurant shows a lot of promise (I have read about the kitchen problems of the past). The appetizer of the day was a delicious and light salmon tartar that was a perfect match to a cucumber-vodka infused cocktail. The "cuban cigars" was an interesting conceptual take on the classic cuban sandwich. A thin pastry (might have been filo) rolled into tight little cigar shaped packages, filled with seasoned pork, black forest ham and swiss cheess, quickly fried to a very light golden brown and served with a "mojito" grainy mustard dipping sauce. The best dish was the candied pork belly. The orange zested, caramelized sauce was a terrific foil to the rich, fatty, saltiness of the pork belly and the gingered, baby bok choy put a nice, fresh little spin on the dish - fantastic. The only dish that I did not really care for was the daily rendition of chicken wings (though in all fairness, wings are not really my thing and this was ordered by my dining partner). The day's wing flavor was "Southern Fried" . There were about eight of the chicken snacks lining a bowl of southern greens that had been topped with macaroni and cheese. This was a very large portion of food, the mac & cheese was hearty, but with some delicacy and the chicken was fried to just the right golden color (the partner inhaled it). I'm an admitted, snobby, fried chicken affcionado and these wing drumettes just did not have the spice or texture that would make me happy - wanted to love it but just couldn't. Chef Trey came over to inquire about our experience, explaining that he makes a point of visiting with guests, especially when they order unusual items (in our case the pork belly got us the nod).

              When we left, the place was about half full with a very interesting mix of people and on our way out I got a good look at what appeared to be a very yummy burger. The service staff was attentive without overwhelming us and seemed to be really enjoying themselves on the job as well. Nice touch - happy servers. The prices are very affordable and the experience was positive enough to warrant a second visit for brunch (even with out-of-town "foodie" guests). BTW they do not take dinner reservations, with the exception of large parties. They do, however, take brunch reservations.