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May 2, 2008 03:15 PM

Drinks near the LA Convention Center

I am trying to find a nice spot near the LA Convention Center for drinks for about 20 people? Any suggestions?

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  1. hotel fig has a cool morocan themed bar. It is two blocks up on fig and olympic.
    The orchid hotel has a bar that serves drinks as well. 8th and flower
    Tranquility Base on 8th and grand

    you could venture all the way up to seven grand or seven restaurant and bar (seventh and olive)

    or you could go straight east to J restaurant and lounge on 11th and olive.

    The best strictly bar place is seven grand, but that is so far. Tranquility base is very quiet and more of restaurant/lounge combo, but it has awesome outdoor seating, a firepit, and great drinks. J restaurant is a dance club past 10pm and nearly empty around 9pm, but it has a great patio and firepit, although drinks are very overpiced there. Orchid hotel will probably be a ghost town, but the decor is interesing. All in all, hotel fig wont be packed, but the decor is interesting and it is close. I recommend going there. If LA had cabs, I would say seven grand, but it doesnt, so....

    My personal rec is hotel fig.

    12 months from now things will be differnet.
    ESPN zone
    Yard House
    Lucky Strike will all be restaurants that would be decent to grab a drink
    bottle rock, trader vics, hygee, kor grounds restaurant and piano lounge, and rivera all have plans to move to the area within a year that provide a good mix of drinks and food.

    Right now, choices are slimmer.

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      Thank you! This is a great help. going to try hotel fig!

    2. You could also look into going to Elevate Lounge (811 W. Wilshire Blvd / Just northeast of Figueroa St) It's located on the 21st Floor of the building....Indoor/Outdoor roof lounge/bar with AMAZING downtown views! I recommend getting valet service for your vehicle.

      1. Second the recommendation for Hotel Fig, especially for a large group. It's a gorgeous space and I've never seen it crowded. Only drawback is that it's an indoor/outdoor poolside bar, so drinks are served in plasticware. Other than than, perfect.

        1. Hotel Fig is a superb selection, yet if food MIGHT be of interest, the bars at Roys, the Palm, Zucca and Riordan's Tavern could all handle things quite nicely, in addition to the bar/lounges already mentioned.