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May 2, 2008 02:55 PM

Toronto noodle shops

We will be in Toronto for a Yankee game and want to find a great small noodle shop in the CBD.Once found one near city hall. Please help. We like soba and all asian noodles.
Many thanks

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  1. Hi, I would recomand you a Japanese Ramen Restaurant in downtown.
    You will enjoy various genuin ramens and one side dishes for 10dollars/person.
    The name of the noodle shop is 'inoodle' in korea town.
    Try to look up the map on google map. 623 Bloor st. West Toronto, ON.
    You can get to by subway, it's located two blocks west from Barthust station.

    I took some photos last time. My preference is karashi negi ramen. Beside of this you got a try 'Tonkotsu' as well. As a side dish I prefer Tonkatsu and dumplings.

    Enjoy your meal and leave your opinion later.

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    1. re: fusion_kitchen

      Wow, ur pictures look like they're straight from the kitchen! Good job!

    2. I also liked iNoodle! Although it's been said that you won't easily find good Japanese style ramen in Toronto, iNoodle is fairly close.

      1. I also haven't found anything better than inoodle downtown, but if you get the chance to go uptown, check out Kenzo or Pacific Mall for ramen. However, if you like pho, then try Pho Hung of Pho 88 on Spadina.

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        1. re: jtamin

          0r Pho St Clair, 781 St Clair Ave W., 416-656-7998. Delicious Vietnamese food prepared with a deft and light touch. Run by a young Vietnamese couple. Small very intimate space with an an equally small patio but excellent food and a relaxed vibe.

        2. Noodles are a bit of a contentious topic on here, but here are a few more possibilities:

          Japango on Elizabeth St. is right behind the new City Hall and may be the one you are thinking of from a previous visit. This place is run by Japanese (rare in Toronto) and although they are more known for their good sushi and sashimi they also have some Japanese noodles.

          A few blocks north-west of there is Konnichiwa on Baldwin St. They have a wider selection of noodles which are superior to their sushi in my opinion. I really enjoyed the Ramen I had there last time; you have a choice between two different kinds of broths.

          As mentioned above, if Vietnamese pho is your thing there are various places along Spadina near Dundas. In addition to Pho Hung and Pho 88 I've also had good rare beef pho at a place called Pho Saigon.

          31 Baldwin St, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

          122 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G1P5, CA

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          1. re: Gary

            I second that. Japango has to be one of my top 5 Japanese in TO.

            For Chinese noodles, there's always King Noodles and Swatow in Chinatown (Spadina and Dundas area). In fact, I think if you don't feel like Japanese, I would hop on either the Queen or Dundas street car over to Chinatown and indulge.

            1. re: Gary

              The noodle at Japango are Udon, their seafood udon is nice. I think they also have soba, but not ramen.

              I prefer the ramen at Kenzo over Konnichiwa. The noodle at Konnicihiwa is too soft, lack of elasticity, the pork slices are all lean meat with no fat at all which I also don't like. They selection of ramen at Kenzo is much wider than Konnichiwa too.

              1. re: skylineR33

                Probably true, but the poster is looking for food in the "CBG" aka downtown. Steeles & Yonge is pretty far from the Rogers Centre, which is the same reason I've not yet tried Kenzo despite hearing good things. For those without a car Konnichiwa is far more convenient to downtown. I agree, the pork slices in my ramen were surprisingly lean but still pretty darn tasty in the scheme of things.

            2. Thanks for the response to date. I should have specified that we prefer Chinese noodle shops even though we like buckwheat(soba) which of course are found in Japanese places. .. Any other suggestions?

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              1. re: il davis

                King's Noodle House on Spadina near Dundas. Mother's Dumplings just east of Spadina near Dundas for their da lu noodles and, of course, their dumplings.

                1. re: mrbozo

                  I respectfully have to disagree with the recommendation of King's Noodle. It is sometimes OK but usually the dumplings are undercooked and the broth disappointing. The new decor is nice but the food is generally mediocre.

                  My Spadina standby is Goldstone, not amazing but reliable, pretty good noodles.