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May 2, 2008 02:34 PM

What's the deal with that place? Baltimore

Ok so I have a dispute with my parents (who typically share similar resturant views) of a certain Hampden restaurant that neither I or my husband can stand and they recently mentioned that they enjoy. We dislike it so much so that we have often wondered what's the deal? how does that place stay open? Have our experiences been that much of an exception, are we missing things?

Do you have questions about a place like this? Are you wondering if you should give it another try but can't without some more words of encourgement?

So I'll start by asking:
What's the deal with Grill Art? Are my experiences of just plain yucky food (ex. Garlic Soup) out of date?

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  1. So we went to Grill Art a few weeks ago. The review was certainly mixed. I ordered the garilc soup. I love garlic soup but this jsut tasted like water. boyfriend got a scallop soup with bacon. i dont eat scallops so i didnt try but he was very impressed. i ordered the bbq chicken pizza for the main and boyfriend ordered the seared tuna. i thought the pizza was pretty good (crust had an odd thickness). he said his tuna tasted fishy in parts and since i have no interest in fishy tuna i took his word for it and didnt try it. i did like the pesto sauce that came with the rice and the creamy wasabi was interesting in a good way.

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      Ok so I'll give garlic soup another try- but somewhere else and for the time being agree to disagree with my parents

    2. I live barely three blocks from Grill Art, but my one experience there -- about a year ago -- was so atrocious that I don't go back.

      The service was incompetent (at the most basic level -- server couldn't find a pen, server didn't know answers to food questions, server didn't show up forever). Half the food arrived overcooked, the food that was cooked as ordered was bland, and the pizza was raw in the middle. The manager was unhelpful in the extreme. And it was all overpriced. Just a genuinely horrible restaurant experience.

      1. At a friend's suggestion, I met her there for lunch about six months ago. The food was so totally forgettable and the service rather nasty, that she apologized for suggesting it.

        There's little wonder why I had never heard of it, and it's (almost) never mentioned here.

        1. The food I've had at my few visits to Grill Art was good enough, but the service all three times was so Slow Slow Slow (even slower than Golden West slow) that I see no reason to go back. Your parents must be really patient!

          1. I have no idea how that place stays in business.