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May 2, 2008 02:10 PM

great outdoor dining with a baby?

I mistakenly posted this on the texas board...apologies for the repost:

Yes I know this is a very specific any rate, my wife and i will frequently rack our brains on a Friday trying to find a great outdoor place with good food that's also kid friendly. (and ideally north of the river...yes, tough call).

Don't get me wrong, there are some great outdoor spots and there are some great restaurants and there are some places that are great to bring kids, but I'll be damned if I can think of any that have all three.

Can anyone help me out?

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  1. Blue Star Cafeteria (Burnet and 49th) accomodates kids nicely, and they have an outdoor eating area and are a little upscale.

    Up the road is Phil's Ice House (Burnet and Northland), with a playscape and everything, but gets real busy, especially on Fridays. They have decent burgers, and it's part of Amy's Ice Cream, so there's that as well.

    Central Market Cafe at Lamar and 41st has the huge playscape, a park with a pond and the "family pit". It's a good bonus when there's live music; keep in mind the musicians really appreciate it when parents keep the kids away from the stage. One advantage of CM Cafe is the grocery store; much easier to cater to the small kid tastes if the menu doesn't work out. When my kids were little, we'd get fruit from the store to round out the kids' meals.

    Good luck. If it's any consolation, Austin is much easier to take kids out than it used to be. Even 15 years ago we'd get nasty looks no matter where we took our kids; even Threadgill's didn't seem to appreciate it (at the time, they didn't even have a kids menu; "They can just eat off your plate" was the response.)

    1. Ski Shores is cool. County Line on the lake. Nutty Brown Cafe (not on the lake, but still outside and kid-friendly). The Blu Parrot Lakeside Bar & Grill (inside Volente Beach Water Park).

      1. Waterloo 360 has a fantastic play area for the kids and the food is fine, not great but fine. Also, Mesa Rosa on 360 is pretty good and they have a nice outdoor area and are very family friendly.

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          Thanks for this post. We're looking for more ideas as well (7 week old). We've been, a few times, to Sampaio for 1/2 price apps and discount drinks (until 6:30 M-F). It seems like there are 1 or 2 other couples there w/infants outside.

          I thought I'd just follow amysue around and harass her with the baby, but she was hit by a deer and I don't want to stress her out right now.

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            We happened by the Texican at Lakeline last night with our friend's ten year old in tow. The patio was incredibly pleasant and children of all ages were present and well behaved.

            My past reaction to the Texican was "bleh" but I did try a New Mexico style enchilada (ordered for me by my friend) and really liked it. I have no idea if it was anywhere close to authentic...

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              I actually have some for you. I know, don't faint. Wateroo Ice House on 360 actaully targets parents with kids as their main audiance. Skishores as well. There's also Hangtown over in Westlake as well as Maudie's.

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              You made me snort coffee through my nose!

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              OOPS... Mesa Rosa is on 620.

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