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May 2, 2008 01:56 PM

6 meals in Mobile, AL

My husband and I will be traveling to Mobile in August with our 10 year old daughter. We will only be there for dinner on Friday, all meals on Saturday and breakfast and possibly brunch on Sunday.

What are our must not miss restaurants. We love seafood (hubby loves crawfish & oysters) and we really enjoy great BBQ (he is from Eastern NC). We aren't looking for fancy - although we can do that also if it is the must not miss.

I think on Saturday we are doing an airboat ride, but other than that we are just going to chill and hang out in the area.

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. 1. Felix's Fish Camp ( on the Battleship Causeway. Get there early tho! Yum. (Don't miss the turtle (my fav) or crab soups!) Shrimp and grits are to die for.
    2. Wintzell's Oyster House ( Never been to the one in Mobile, but the one in Fairhope is fun. Your daughter will like it too. (Good desserts!
    )3. Dew Drop Inn ( Never been but I really need to. It looks so disgustingly good (hamburger/hotdog joint).
    Unless you're going into Fairhope or Gulf Shores, that's all I have. I'm sure you will stumble upon many great places! Enjoy.

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    1. re: RosyRosy

      I second Wintzell's, but I was also at the one in Fairhope. Very good and FRESH seafood. I had a good lunch at the Little Kitchen downtown, although I have no clue about their opening hours. Have fun! I love Mobile.

      1. re: RosyRosy

        Please do try the Dew Drop - I'm from Mobile originally and that's one of the places I miss most. Excellent hot dogs, great veggie plate (I love the greens), the oyster po' boys are a must try (according to my family - I'll allergic to shellfish!) and your daughter will certainly find something she likes as well. This was a Friday night treat for us growing up. The service is excellent, too.

        If you decide to go fancy, the Pillars on Government St. was the place we went to really celebrate (graduation, confirmation, and the like). Pricey, but beautiful (Downtown Mobile is breathtaking) and we always enjoyed it.

        Have fun! It's a wonderful city.

      2. Please have dinner at Camellia Cafe in Daphne, Alabama. My husband, who is a CIA grad, and I had dinner at Camellia Cafe with his parents. It was the best meal in Mobile and competes with those we had when living in Chicago and Seattle.

        If you like sushi. Liquid Lounge is the best. Only open for dinner.

        We like the pulled pork at Saucy Q BBQ, but if you want ribs we like Dreamland.

        If you want to experience a beautiful renovation of a historic building. Go to The Battle House Hotel for Sunday Brunch.

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        1. re: savoirfare

          I would recommend the Wintzell's in downtown Mobile, not the one in Fairhope. The one in Mobile is far superior.

          I second the Camilla Cafe if you make it to the Daphne area.

          NOJA in Mobile is also excellent.

        2. I love historic buildings. I'll put them in the GPS and see how many we can hit. Thanks!

          1. Hi There. I'm a Mobile native, born and raised here, lived here all my life. I hope you will take my advice on this topic :)

            Many of the restaurants people have listed so far are NOT in Mobile, but are across the bay. If you are in town only for the weekend, there are too many great restaurants in Mobile to venture an hour away for mediocre food.

            Felix's Fish Camp is a wonderful option, as the first poster listed. However, even better (and not on the Causeway - therefore, closer to where I'm sure you'll be) is Bonefish Grill. This is a nice restaurant and somewhat pricey, but you can't go wrong with it. It IS a chain, whereas the Fish Camp is not, but it certainly doesn't seem like it in atmosphere or quality.

            Wintzell's, in my humble opinion, is a bit of a tourist trap. The food is good but it is far from a "must not miss" -- if good seafood is what you're looking for, I highly suggest Felix's or Bonefish. Felix's and Wintzell's are open for lunch, whereas Bonefish is not. The Bluegill and Oysterellas are also great options for seafood on the Causeway.

            For lunch or brunch, I highly recommend "A Spot of Tea" in downtown Mobile. Very quaint, very good quality - make sure you get their famous strawberry iced tea.

            NOJA, as another poster listed, is unlike any other restaurant I've ever been to, and I would certainly say it is a must not miss. Exotic menu, but something for everyone. Amazing atmosphere. Make reservations.

            Guido's has wonderful Italian food and is open for lunch and dinner. Best Italian in Mobile.

            For a great steak, I recommend "The Pillars". Pricey but wonderful. Beautiful old Mobile mansion.

            "Butch Cassidy's" is a diamond in the rough, and local Mobilians know this. They have been voted to have the best hamburger in the city for years and years consistently. A must for lunch!

            The Dew Drop Inn, despite what you have read on here, is NOT someplace I would recommend. The food is very average.

            Enjoy your trip and heed my advice :)

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            1. re: lalafresh

              Nobody should EVER eat at Bonefish Grill, no matter how close they are to it. It's horrible. Felix's is my choice, but if I need to name a second, it's Wintzell's NEVER Bonefish.'s so bad.

              That being said, IMO Mobile isn't really a food mecca or anything. Try the first few lists you see, Lalafresh is off the mark...WAAAAAY off if you ask me.

              1. re: KateMW

                We have a Bonefish Grill here and since Asheville isn't known for great seafood it is probably our best place to go for seafood. So I won't be checking out Bonefish. I am hoping for better, not a chain place.

                We are staying in downtown Mobile. So, I really don't want to drive forever to get to a good place. We are going to head to PCB after Mobile.

                Thanks for all the suggestions.

              2. re: lalafresh

                I'd like to second Butch's. Great wings, burgers, nachos, etc. And great happy hours prices as well -- $5.75 pitchers of Yuengling and 2 for 1 wings.


              3. Hi leanpig! I just used these 9 replies to figure out where I was going to eat tonight in Mobile, so thank you....! I ended up at NOJA because it was so wonderfully handy to my hotel, The Battle House, which was beautiful (btw), only 4 short walkable blocks away. If you are looking for great food, unique presentation, brilliant flavor, and eloquent, yet relaxed environment...NOJA is perfect for you. I ate the beautifully prepared Salmon with coconut flan....a summer dish they just transitioned to tonight, and it was so light and delicious, you could have been in Manhattan or Sonoma on an early July evening. Wonderful. The staff - excellent...couldn't ask for more. Alex, head chief, is young, fresh, and in touch with local flavors...let him surprise you with something amazing in your dish. Please visit NOJA on your trip! Enjoy!

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                1. re: mebulloc

                  Thanks, I'll put it on the list as a must try!

                  1. re: mebulloc

                    We ended up eating at Wintzell's on Friday night. It was flavorful and delicious; however, mostly fried. The oysters were really good according to my husband.

                    I don't know where we ate on Saturday afternoon. We went to Daulphin Island to the fort for a reenactment. There were no restaurants open so we used the garmin and found a street out in the boonies covered in oyster shells (no restaurant there) and finally found a little shack out in the middle of nowhere that served a cheap margarita (no I didn't try it) and flavorless buffet. I was so hungry we ate there. But nothing worth trying.

                    On Saturday night we walked down to A & M peanuts. They have a really good price for chocolate coated sunflower seeds. I cannot for the life of me remember where we ate that night. Obviously not that memorable.

                    On Sunday morning we went to Spot of Tea for brunch. It was really rich and about knocked us out for our drive to Panama City.

                    Mobile was a good food experience; however, on the way to Mobile we stopped in Montgomery at Martha's. That was the best fried fish I have ever put in my mouth. No tartar needed. Yummy.

                    1. re: leanpig

                      check out my restaurant TRUE I worked in manhatten for 8 years moved back to mobile about a year ago my websight is were around 10 to 13 dollars for lunch and entrees are 25 to 35 for dinner and we now have 2 certified somiliers if your into wine