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May 2, 2008 01:06 PM

Organic Butcher on Danforth - new!

Just driving on the Danforth, between Chester and Broadview and noticed a sign announcing an organic butcher shop opening up shop on the south side. I think it said Blackstone, but not positive. Anyone have more info on the place?

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  1. It's a satellite from the "The Butchers" which is across from Sporting Life on Yonge street. It's ok, I have not been wowed in the past. I will still make the drive to Cumbrae's (Or get it at Big Carrot) for special meals and Rowe Farms on Queen E. so I have an excuse to go to Mercury Espresso Bar.

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    1. re: restaurantarian

      Funny, I was just on my way home from Cumbrae's when I saw the sign.

    2. Your right it's called Blackstone... Organic Meat.
      Bought a T-Bone yesterday. Salt and peppered it and put it on a hot BBQ.
      Wow...was a great cute of meat very tender with lots of flavour. Staff is extremely helpful and friendly. Imagine that great customer service in Toronto. I went back today bought a Rib-Eye, looks very well marbled , can't wait to put it on the BBQ.
      Great store and a welcome addition to the Riverdale community.
      I hope they do well.

      1. I went in today for the 1st time.

        Certainly the appearance of the store gets high marks off the bat. Its more what they sell that counts, but 1st impressions do have an impact.

        I looked over everything, there's was lots to be interested in; but my stop-in was spontaneous and I didn't really need much today.

        So I mostly toured the store and chatted up the staff. They carry Venision (Sausage and chops, though the latter are vac-packed, but not frozen).

        They carry a variety of pre-made products (sauces, dressings etc.), some cheap looking deli-meat (vac-packed) which i discussed with the staff, only to find that they ALSO do their own roast turkey and roast beef, on site, but for reasons beyond explaination also vac-pac it and mix those packs in with the less appealing deli offerings.

        I noticed a number of marinated choices. I decided on a skewer of Louisiana Beef and one of Garlic/Rosemary Chicken.

        Which I grilled for lunch.

        I would highly praise the chicken. Very garilicy, nice flavour.

        Over-priced at 3$ per skewer but yet worth it.

        The Beef on the other hand.... sauce was fine, but not inspired, but the beef was a bit tough, and didn't have a very strong flavour. Wondering if they used Eye of the Round or something.....

        For $3 a thumbs-down on the beef skewer.

        Pistachio curry will be tried though.

        Overall, worth a resturn visit, for sure.

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        1. re: Northern Light

          LADY & SON on Queen East is the real deal, not a big company like Rowe "overpriced" farms, just a butcher dealing direct with local organic farms. Don't support these massive chains who make "organic" seem like a brand. Everyone should be able to afford food without additives (whatever they maybe). I hate the idea that it's like going to Starbucks, and that's what I feel Rowe Farms is. Support individuals making a change.

          1. re: fuelbydamon

            I stopped by blackstone...let's call a spade a spade and say that it's a yuppie place arguably more about appearance and "organic" as a brand.

            I was hoping for a more down to earth place. But hey, kudos to them, I don't know that down to earth sells anymore.

            1. re: grandgourmand

              Yeah lets call a spade a spade. When did "organic" ever mean that a store can't be clean , tidy and friendly. That is the overall appearance I got. I for one am grateful for the addition to the neighbourhood. Try "Carrot Common" they're really organic most of the staff look and act completely stoned with no or little personality. Not at all "yuppie" as you put it.

              1. re: Riverdaleguy

                the big carrot doesn't sell organic meat... they have some organic chicken but they don't do beef, they just put their mark-up on cumbrae's and sell it.

                1. re: Riverdaleguy

                  Prior to Blackstone's opening, and if not Carrot Common, where've you been getting your meat riverdaleguy?

                  1. re: millygirl

                    Had always headed to St.LAwrence MArket or Cumbrae's.

                  2. re: grandgourmand

                    No I don't work for them. :)
                    As you said Just a personal preference. Never thought of myself as a yuppie, but probably fit the bill. Hate being put into a category as you probably do. Have a good one.

                    1. re: Riverdaleguy

                      Well, I was probably harsh in my initial assessment. I'll give them a try before passing judgment. But the time I did pop in (two Fridays ago), they seemed a little short of beef. Probably store opening quirks.

            2. i'll try this place, since it's in the area to the big carrot, which i go to. i usually go to the healthy butcher. i love their meat and a lot of the staff there is friendly.

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              1. re: pinkskittles

                The interetsing thing is that on two visits to the store, I've asked what the price is on some items that didn't have a sign, and the people behind the counter say " I don't know, how about $8.99 ? " Anyway, I got some rosemary and garlic marinated lamb that way.

                1. re: foodyDudey

                  Hmm, clever, I saw marinated lamb chops at Cumbrae's yesterday for $9.99/lb.