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May 2, 2008 01:05 PM

Hugos Mexican, Stamford???

I read that theres a mexican place in stamford called Hugos? On Stillwater Ave, has anyone been? is it new?

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  1. It's really old. Probably 10 years old or more. When I first moved here 8 years ago people told me it was the best in town. I've actually never been. I have a lot of reservations about it... but I'd love to know if someone has tried it. I'm not sure why... I just haven't gone. Probably because it's a sit down restaurant. I know that sounds weird, but most sit down restaurants - particularly if they are from a decade ago (when mexican around here was truly bad) doesn't hold out much hope. That's probably unfair... Hugo's should be given the chance to prove itself... I hope someone here has been.

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      I was not impressed with Hugo's, but it has been a number of years since I was there. I tried them before they were at the current location, greasy, unclean and not flavorful. They did seem to provide a hang out for the poorest of the latin men in town tho.

      1. re: EmileJ

        Eek! Not the most ringing endorsement.

    2. I don't have any recent experience, but I went 7 or 8 years ago, on a Friday night with one of my kids. The food was actually pretty good. I don't remember what I had, but remember thinking that it was authentic and better than the Tacos Guadalajara on Atlantic, which at the time was the only other Mexican in town.

      As emilej posted below, the bar scene was pretty scary. Everyone else was really nice, but I recall not wanting to go back.

      I'll try it again sometime and report back.

      1. definitely not new, but i would not call it good either. I tried them at their current location and was not impressed. It wasn't bad, but not something I really wanted either. I didn't have the same experience with the clientel that has been described here. But also actually liked Tacos Guadalajara better. But the fairly new truck beats all of them by a mile!