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May 2, 2008 12:47 PM

San Diego--dining for special needs person

My husband & I will be spending several days in SD next week. Due to a medical problem, he uses a wheelchair and tires very easily. I hope you can help with some rather specific issues. Restaurants that would be good, as well as places to avoid would be wonderful. We are staying downtown, but will have a car. I don't think we'll get as far afield as La Jolla.

Because he tires easily, we need to be able to finish a meal in an hour or so. Alas, we can no longer do the leisurely 3 hour romantic dinner. We also can't go to a place where there will be along wait for a table, either because they don't take reservations or because they aren't good about honoring reservations. Prompt service is important. On the other hand, price is not a big issue.

Ideas for places that are better at lunch than at dinner are also welcome.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your predicament. You might try Bandar, on 4th. As I recall, the entry is street-level, and they have a pretty open floor plan. Tables are tight, but it should be manageable. Service there, in my experience, is quite prompt. Cafe Chloe is good, and is also street level, but you would want to make a reservation as they get busy. Service can be slow, too. Lunch is better than dinner there in terms of speediness and crowds.

    1. The Grant Grill in the US Grant Hotel might fit the bill.

      The restaurant is in the lobby of the hotel, which I think is wheelchair accessible and they do pre-theater dinners, so they are accustomed to getting people out promptly. We eat there before a show at Spreckels and had extremely attentive service - probably the best we have had in SD.

      It is one of the more expensive restaurants downtown, but the food was very good.

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        Thank you--guess where we are staying?

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          If you are staying at the US Grant Hotel, it is a fab hotel with great suites and great food options, whether it's room service or the Grant Grill..
          GM is a sweetheart and goes out of his way for his will have a lovely time!

      2. Oceanaire may be another possibility. They have an elevator from the outside entrance to the restaurant level. If you go on the early side (6 pm ish), service is pretty prompt. They take reservations.

        Cafe Chloe is great, although it is a small place and can be tight maneuvering a wheelchair around. The last time I checked, they only did reservations for parties of 5. If you go, go early (5 pm) for dinner to avoid a wait.

        1. Rainwaters is great for lunch and they are very accomodating.
          Athens MArket is near by and very good too.

          1. I just wanted to say that everyone here has given you some excellent places to dine and I wish you all the best while you are here.
            Marine Room in La Jolla has wheelchair access with valet parking and if you get there as it opens for dinner and let them know your time constraints, they will be very happy to serve you quickly and it will be a real treat for you and your husband.
            It is built right on the mean high tide with floor to ceiling windows.
            Best to you both!