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May 2, 2008 12:45 PM

MSP Trader Joe's

Hey all, I live near the Trader Joe's in St. Louis park, but it seems they don't have as large a selection as some that I've been to. Is the Maple Grove one any different/better? Is it larger? Thanks.

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  1. Maplewood, not Maple Grove, right?

    (Please forgive me if I'm mistaken...)


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      1. re: salvage7

        Oh, I'm so sorry. You're right! I was thinking of the Woodbury one--I didn't even know there was one in Maple Grove. Carry on. (Feeling very embarrassed now...)


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          Well, I suppose my original query would pertain to the Woodbury one as well.

          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            I don't think its much bigger. What specifically are you not finding. I'm planning on going tomorrow and can look around.

            If you wary of going so far to go to TJ's, there is a lot of shopping up there so you can kill many birds with one stone. Just my two cents. I live in Fridley and go about every other week to do all of my shopping at once. Costco, Babies R Us, TJ's, etc.

            1. re: MayrMN

              I'd love to go to Costco, but I don't have a membership. In specific, I'm looking for canned smoked trout, tarte d'Alsace, froz. eggplant cutlets, carne asada, mex. tri-tip, froz. asparagus tips and thai ginger carrots, along with various dried fruits.

                1. re: salvage7

                  I wrote down your list, but I lost it before I got there and did my best to remember it all.

                  I did not find a mex tri-tip but they had an asada tri-tip. They did have breaded eggplant cutlets. I did not see any frozen asp tips, but now that I see your list again, I do remember seeing Thai Ginger Carrotss.

                  If you go up there, make a night of it and eat next door at Biaggi's. Yes, its a chain, but quite good.

                  1. re: MayrMN

                    Is above post in regards to Maple Grove TJ's?

        2. I go to TJ's in St. Louis Park all the time and they usually always have the tarte d'Alsace, froz. and thai ginger carrots....not sure about the other items you mentioned as I haven't tried any of them.

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          1. re: SadieMN

            I'll be sure to look more closely now.

          2. Lurker chiming in- I mainly go to the SLP location, but the other TJs within the metro would carry same items. The frozen and canned products you mention I've seen, though I haven't looked for them all lately. Sometimes a product goes out of stock temporarily or gets discontinued. The main variation across different regions is the fresh and refrigerated items, which depends partly on local suppliers and perceived tastes. The West coast generally has more of the spicy items- I don't think I've seen mex tri tip, only plain or a basic flavor. Carne asada yes, they usually have the marinated bags. And buying a prepared salad in MN is just not the same as the selection in CA. The bagged salads are ok though.

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            1. re: evoosch

              I probably shouldn't reveal this, but lately the St Louis Park location has had
              dried lychees, which are extremely yummy. It is easy to eat quite a few in a
              short time. And I discovered you can boil or steam them for a while and they
              plump up almost like fresh ones, which are one of my favorite foods...

              1. re: faith

                So I got the lychees today, just opened the bag and noticed a very funky smell emanating. It was borderline disgusting. I've enjoyed lychees in my time (never dried) and haven't noticed this smell before. I think I'll be returning them.

                1. re: faith

                  I picked up a bag of these recently but have no idea what to do with them. How do you like to eat them?

              2. The original comment has been removed