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May 2, 2008 12:32 PM

Gorgonzola Substitute?

I'm making an Italian sauce that calls for Gorgonzola but I can't find it .... what kind of cheese could I use as a substitute?

Thanks for your help!!

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  1. Blue cheese is pretty much the same flavor wise but i would try goat cheese

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    1. re: broncoangl

      N.B.-Gorgonzola is a cow's milk cheese.

    2. Blue cheese, Stilton, any blue veined cheese really. Making risotto??

      1. Just about any good blue cheese should do. Just plain old American "blue cheese" will be your best bet price wise, unless you get into the fancy artisan cheeses. Roquefort would be a good substitute. Stilton is pricey, but more than that, it's sweeter than Gorgonzola. I'd go with the plain old "blue."

        1. Most large supermarkets will carry Stella Blue......most any blue will suffice , especially if you are cooking with it. Do not spend money as in an artisanal blue (ie Maytag, Port Reyes...).
          Gorgonzola is a skim cows milk....goat will impart to much of a different type of "bite"....

          1. Supermarket blue cheese usually doesn't get the turnover it needs and gets slimy or worse, that horrid ammonia smell. I'd just pick whatever was packed last and looks good. Not stilton; that's probably too strong.

            This has reminded me to send some love to my local cheesemonger! I don't know what on earth I did before she opened up shop!