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May 2, 2008 12:00 PM

Stamford Pre-Theater Dinner Recs?

My husband and I are seeing George Carlin at the Palace tomorrow night and we are going to want dinner in the neighborhood. I worked in Stamford years ago and I knew the neighborhood pretty well, but I don't know what's there these days. Anyone have any favorites in the area? Any cuisine will do as long as it's good.

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  1. My favorite in the area is Emme of Capri - on Summer Street (you can cut through the little pedestrian walkway between Atlantic and Summer). My only caution is that they can be slow sometimes. You may want to let them know if you need to be out of there by a specific time.

    1. Market and Duo are both very good.

      1. For cheaper food that's still healthy and in a classy environment, I always go to Capriccio on Bedford; they are pretty fast, too, and have a full bar! Market and Duo are fun food and great dining, but pricier.