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May 2, 2008 11:51 AM

Good Reuben in NoVA?

Any recommendations on a great Reuben sammy in Northern Virginia - preferably in one of these areas: Ashburn, Sterling, Reston, or Herndon? I'll even travel to Fair Lakes. I don't want something with super greasy (and soggy) bread or fatty meat, which is what I've gotten lately.

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  1. I had a good pastrami sandwich at Chutzpah Deli in the Fair Lakes area. I haven't specifically had the Reuben (I'm assuming the pastrami one you want?) but my friend swears by their Reuben. But, I have to say I like the meat slightly fatty. Not enough that it's too chewy but don't like it lean.

    1. I've always enjoyed the Reubens here.

      It's in the heart of Falls Church but easy to get to via 66 and free parking.

      1. Chutzpah's Reuben is the best I've ever had. I know some people on this board don't like Chutzpah, but I can't understand it. I've never had a bad meal there, and over time, I've gotten to know the staff, so I always feel warmly greeted and welcome. They also have a Tyson's branch, which is the one I usually go to.

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            It's a little bit hidden, in an office building that is just off of Route 7/Leesburg Pike, between McDonald's and Jared Jewelers.

            The exact address is 8100 Boone Boulevard, Vienna. Here's a map:

        1. I think Jimmy's Reuben is pretty good. I've had it but it's been quite awhile (can't get away from the Beef on Weck or the Cheesesteaks.

          Otherwise I third Chutzpah.

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            1. re: Potomac Bob

              Old town Herndon:

              At some point, regardless of what you think of the reuben, make sure you get a fish fry some Friday evening.

          1. Another vote for Chutzpah. While I find their meats sometimes too lean on their own, their Reuben is a great sandwich.