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Olivadi (norwood)

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Any news on this new italian restaurant? Thanks.

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      It's due to open this summer. It will be on Guild Street, which is at the southern edge of downtown just west of Route 1A (near Byblos). Other than that, I don't know a whole lot about it.

    2. restaurant is now open and the food was fantastic

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        I'm looking forward to trying this place, but I'll probably wait for the hype to die down a bit. Thanks for the report on the separate thread, BTW...

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          Dined here recently and had "decent" food, nothing extrordinary. To be fair the restaurant just opened and I think the idea of a soft opening was wise particularly with some of their staff. I ordered the Duck which was overcooked.. Sweet potato puree not warm enough and greens underseasoned. Tasted as if it sat for too long in kitchen. Roast Chicken much better and cooked perfectly as were veggies. Brushetta appetizer good and dessert excellent. Very nice Wine list and very nicely done inside. Server didn't seem very experienced though she tried very hard to please which goes a long way. I get the feeling Bruno is not going to tolerate anyting in the front of the house and that some staff will go quickly here.

          I would go here again but wouldn't rush back.

      2. Interesting, they're also renting apartments with a nice benefit:

        "Olivadi will bring up your meal, delivered straight to your door, on a cart. All the food will be served on the restaurant plates, glasses and linens-no eating our of paper or plastic!. "


        1. His pizza was not availible on the night I was there. The open hearth pizza oven was there and his pizza's at Pignoli were some of the best around.

          1. I just went on Friday night and the food was great. I started with the pizza appetizer which had goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes. I had a small portion of the gnocci and we also had the "special" risotto.

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            1. Can't say that I would recommend this restaurant. The food is very simple, and I understand that it needs to be watered down a bit. This restaurant was recommended, but when I looked at the menu it looked like menu I used to see at The Ground Round when I was little kid. I had expected more of the restaurant because of the hype surrounding it. "Will The Real Mac n’ Cheese…Please Stand Up!" sends the wrong message about a restaurant that is featuring it's GM and Chef who supposedly have notable backgrounds. I don't think they have as much control as they should have. With a pause, I ordered the Penne dish with a simple pomodoro sauce that was middled at best. I had expected the menu to be more southern Italian since the owner's background is from Calabria, but this is not the case. They have a Caesar salad on the menu. Maybe things will change over time.

              1. It's too bad the marks are down on this place. If you are familiar with past Norwood restaurants then you would know of Carla's. She was approached by the owner 3 years ago now to consult in the design and help implement the systems for this restaurant. I was going to help train the staff at the time. The owner seemed adiment to replace the void that he felt the downtown area had when Carla's closed 8 years ago. I'm surprised that this is what he let open instead of what he envisioned.