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May 2, 2008 11:43 AM

Exotic Indian Cuisine Albion Rd West Of Hwy. 27

What a surprise to enter the new differently organized and larger dining room, still under construction, haven't been there in quite a while! Nice to see many busy tables of 1, 2, 4 and a centrepiece of 10 dining, a far cry from the early days of few customers! Weekends will be different with Buffets, but I did not get all the details in whatever changes are occuring, so just note there are changes to check out! One thing for certain, the food continues to be wonderful, the Tandoori Chicken # 1 Top Notch indeed in taste and texture, as are so many dishes! Bonus, the wonderful Restaurant Ice Creams made right there!!

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  1. Tonnes of indian joints in that area!

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      A lot of Indian influence for sure with all the other various Indian shops, grocerries, etc., but not all that many restaurants, a couple other of the better Tandoori Time on Albion and a Vegetarian Restaurant on Islington north of Albion. If you had a buck for each Indian Restaurant, in the area,that would basically get you only a good Indian lunch and drink!

    2. I tried this place for takeout yesterday. The pakoras were terrible -- too doughy and not very interesting. Naan was about average, and I had an excellent Madras chicken curry.

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        Well, this is a bit of a surprise, but go in and talk to the owner Kishoor, spent many years, a legend on Gerrard St. E., he cares a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He does not know that I have posted here, but after your comment, I will let him know about my/your comments, etc. --- Your comments are truly wonderful as I have over the years fought take out fatique for food, Pakoras are usually as you said, summed up, not very interesting. I have always found the naan excellent, absolutely fresh -- but carry our is a destructive situation. I never get Pizza Delivery from anywhere, but any pizza I pick up, I lift the lid so the steam escapes and not reconstructs with the fat from cooking oil. Fish and chips take out, never wrap, or cover, carry to car if wrapped and open! All I can say is, you are vey likely right, but don't be afraid to go back and while the buffet is excellent, you can at dinner get the best when you talk to him, etc. Your comment will also have me asking about the yogourt soup which I saw and enjoyed only once years ago!

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          This was the "Go to" place for Indian when Mrs. Sippi and her coworkers when she worked in the area.
          She had her first Indian foods there and it got her hooked.