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Sep 16, 2002 03:32 PM

Foie gras mousse pate @ Nicole's Gourmet Imports

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Bought a 1/2 pound of this last weekend and I must say it is lip-smackingly wonderful. Paired with a baguette and a bottle of savigoun blanc, it was a perfect meal for a lazy Sunday afternoon. The pate is a combination of foie gras, raisins and prunes (no chunks of fruit- it is all blended together)whipped into a light but delicately rich concoction. At $4.80, you can't beat the value- highly recommended!! Also bought a small tub or marscapone, mixed it with a bit of brandy and honey and served on white peaches, was yummy.

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  1. And the Address for these wonderful treasures is?

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      Oops! Here goes.......

      Nicole's Gourmet Imports, 921 Meridian Ave., Unit B, South Pasadena, (626) 441-9600. (Imported cheeses, olives, pâtés, sandwiches, cold cuts.)