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May 2, 2008 10:56 AM

T&T and CHR - Calgarians


I'm thinking I'm not the only one who cares about this.

  1. Global did a story on restaurant food safety this morning - The Calgary Health Region has posted a list of Food Establishments that have received "Health Inspection Orders". You can look back a few years too. Very interesting.

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    1. re: Lotti

      I don't really think this is really about food safety, to be honest.

      1. re: fmed

        ya here we go with the "cultural""race issue .well last time i checked ,diarria ,salmonella ect causing bactiria (did i forget to mention death),has no cultural background .lets get a brain people ,pay the freakin fine and smartin up.remember you guys opened the door ,if my answers frighten you dont ask scary questions.;)

          1. re: howlin

            In food science there is a rule of thumb that if traditionally a process has used over an extended period of time, without illnesses, it is usually acceptable in preserving or keeping bacterial loads within acceptable ranges. I haven't heard of a clean facility producing chinese bbq having problems with illnesses, but you have to remember that it must be freshly made in a hygenic way. I highly doubt that anyone in china would buy day old BBQ duck.

            1. re: Bryn

              If the inspectors found unhygienic practices (beyond the tradition methods) at T&T, then by all means, they should be shut down and fined.

              1. re: Bryn

                i didnt have time to get in depth when i wrote that piece ,but my next entry was on the same lines as yours "day old bbq duck"and the cleanliness issue,cheeses,beer ,sousevid? its all made in a controled environment as in clean an sanitary.i happen to make cheese ,beer ,and cured meats and none i would keep without some cooling,room temp,if thats what was going on is just wrong, thats a good temp for bacteria to dosent have to be frozen an it dosent have to be scorching ,but there is a safe comprimize between ,and thet what the chr whats as do we sousvid sounds really complicated .i would what a seasoned profecional to do this for me .or mabye some room temp fugu fresh from the tank would taste better,:)lol

                1. re: howlin

                  In the T&Ts in Vancouver, the day-old BBQ is packed and clingwrapped and sold in the cold section.

                  Off topic, but related - Cheeses are best served at room temps. I know of a few restos in the US that were busted for not storing their cheese in fridges. And I'm sure you are familiar with problems with the import and manufacture of unpasteurized raw-milk cheeses. It's a battle we have seen many times before: food safety vs gastronomy.

                  1. re: fmed

                    served ,not stored ,even dry cheese rooms are cooler then room not happy about this thing ether ,i love the bbq pork at tand t ,and always whats to try the duck,assuming we are talking about the little cookshack in the mall with the big stand up glass oven sort of deal with the meat hanging in site.i can smell it now ,if so ,i cant see it beeing very hard to follw the rules.heck that oven didnt feel roon temp to me ,it was pretty hot to the touch

                    1. re: howlin

                      >>even dry cheese rooms are cooler then room temp.

                      Yes...but not "by the book" 4 degrees cold. I know many places that pull their cheese out for a couple hours prior to service to get it up to temp.

                      1. re: fmed

                        they do if they know they will go thru the whole thing .theyre not going to waste any


            Look at T & T under Food Establishments - inactive. You'll find something entirely different.

            Check out the Food Establishments - active, as well. Just a FYI.

            1. wow that fine is higher than East Gate Resturant at 24G. As a patron of these types of places, I think they should be held to standards like everyone else. I agree with Howlin it doesn't matter what culture you are if it's unsafe... it's unsafe. There's no in between. T and T makes so much money this might not be a really significant fine for them. Will it really make them conform to CHR standards? I doubt it. I went by there yesterday and bought some bbq pork. The guy was used a squishy old watery rag to help him hold onto the rod that while he pulled the pork off. It was nasty. I won't be by there again.

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