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May 2, 2008 10:45 AM

Sunflower in Boulder

Has anyone been to Sunflower on pearl street? I looked at the menu and it looked good but I haven't heard much about the restaurant. Any feedback you have heard or opinions on the restaurant, cuisine, staff would be greatly appreciated. Also, any other great recommendations for dining in Boulder?

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  1. Sunflower is a great place that tends to fly under the Boulder restaurant radar. My suggestion would be to give it a try. But, I have to ask, why wouldn't you just give it a try yourself? Half the fun for me, at least, is exploring new places without preconceived ideas. So, enjoy Sunflower. They do great fish and their Sunday brunch is also terrific.

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      I actually do not live in Boulder I live near Aspen. However I love Boulder and I go down quiet often so I try to read up on some of the restaurants and try new, different types of cuisine while I am down there. I will certainly think about trying it out. Thanks for your input.

    2. I had a very good lunch there one day and some friends of mine have been for dinner several times and had good experiences. One really nice thing about Sunflower is it has lots of vegetarian/organic options, but also has plenty of options for carnivores. Very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere and good service.

      Many, many other great reccomendations for Boulder! You'll find many threads on this board. What, specifically, are you looking for?

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        Thank you for your suggestion, I think I am going to give it a try. I really love vegetarian/organic cuisine, or seafood dishes composed differently from the everyday restaurant. That's why when I looked at the cuisine at Sunflower I was very interested in trying it out. If you have any other suggestions for restaurants of similar cuisine and style I would love to hear your opinions.

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          Just down the street on Pearl is Aji and if you've never eaten there, you owe yourself a treat to try it next time you're in Boulder. They have a great selection of ceviches as starters and several fish dishes. The style is Caribbean/Central American and ingredients are fresh with creative preparations.

          So, there are two recs. How about a trade? I haven't been to Aspen for many years but am going in August for the Music Festival. Staying downtown. Give me your best shots!

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            Thanks very much for the recommendation... now Aspen, dining here is very overrated its hard. As you may know most in Aspen is very overpriced but on top of that the restaurants can not deliver. Here are a few recommendations, some I have visited myself and others friends have told me they were pleased with.

            Cache Cache:

            Olives at the St. Regis:

            Matsuhisa (have heard good anad things, personally never been):

            Bella Mia (in El Jebel but fabulous):

            Hope this helps. If you are looking for more recommendations let me know which specific types of cuisine and the price range you are looking for, I'd be happy to try and help.

      2. I was there about a month and a half ago. Really good dinner, though a little pricier than I was expecting (which certainly isn't their fault). I posted about what I ate here:

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          Sunflower was one of the first restaurants around offerng in natural/organic fine dining. Less than a year ago, a new owner/chef bought it and infused new energy and introduced some of his favorite dishes, It's not a vegetarian restaurant, but it offers a good variety of excellent non-meat dishes too.