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May 2, 2008 10:40 AM

Which Westfield Resto to Choose?

I know they're all "sister restos," but which would you recommend? Mojave Grille, Theresa's or Isabella's? I believe they're all BYO. Thanks!

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  1. mojave grille is the most intersting of the 3.. Theresa's if you want italian for a second choice.. and have been to Isabella's 2x and have to say very bland.

    1. I say Mojave Grille. I posted about this place a weeks or so ago. LOVE the quesadillas. Isabella's is boring, and I think Theresa's just lost it's touch. Have fun!

      1. I'm going to 3rd Mojave. By far the best and most interesting of the 3.

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        1. re: sivyaleah

          Went to Mojave last week. Service was HORRIBLE! and the food was only ok. Given a choice I wouldnt go to any of those 3 restaurants.

          1. re: J1Scarlett

            Too late! Went to Trader Joe's in Westfield so decided to go to Mojave. 1 1/4 hour wait. Husband too hungry to wait, so we went next door to Isabella's. Yuck...$70 plus dollars worth of yuck. We should have gone down one more door to Theresa's, but we'd been there b/4 and weren't impressed. Why is it such a pretty, affluent town has such yucky restaurants?? I'd go back to try Mojave...but I'm afraid it'd be just like the sister restaurants. What a shame.

            1. re: shopgirl

              Westfield has good restaurants, but everyone seems to only go to those 3. Ferraros across the street is always good. And some of the ones not in the center are great.

          1. re: HillJ

            I think people recommend those 3 because i was told they are BYO. Is the whole town of Westfield a "dry" town and, therefore, all restos are byo? Because we did see Ferraro's across the street and it looked very nice, but we were armed with bottles of wine and didn't know it was byo. Is it?

            1. re: shopgirl

              Hi shopgirl, Ferraro's is not a byo. Maybe next time you can give it a try.

          2. As I've stated in other posts, it's sad that the only good to excellent restaurant in town is Chez Catherine. The rest at best are good, none other exceptional and truthfully mostly average. Ferraro's which is probably the best of the Italian rests. in town is really no better than a typical pizzeria/rest. in Queens NY, granted it looks nicer and is much bigger. Jeffries, Brick Oven, Teressa's, Mojave, Isabellas, Mojave, Sweetwater's, Limani, Jolly Trolley and 16 Prospect. None of these are destination restaurants. Acquaviva I can't say anything about because it's been a while (prev owners) that I've been there. You would think the town would attract better choices than these.