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life altering sandwiches

After reading the NY times article about the great sandwiches in NY, I have such a hankering for a great sandwich. Tomorrow I am devoting my day to great sandwiches. Where are your favorites in NY? Looking for that great hidden spot.


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  1. Since I stopped eating red meat (no more pastrami), my favorite sandwich place is Lamazou on 27th and 3rd. It's a cheese/gourmet shop that also serves great sandwiches. If you do a search of the boards you'll find a few topics devoted to Lamazou if you're interested.
    My favorite sandwich there is the Caprice de Lamazou. It's the best!

    1. Grey Dog makes my favorite sandwiches in town...You can't beat that homemade bread!


      1. Don't miss Polecat's wonderful post: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/502007

        To state the obvious, Saigon Banh Mi pork banh mi, spicy.
        Ditto the lamazou rec--great sullivan st bread. the smoked salmon, with lemon dressing, thinly sliced onion, and capers, is delicious. (caveat: it's been a while since i was there last)

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          wow, that review from polecast sold me. That is certainly one to try.

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            The smoked salmon sand. you're describing is the Caprice. It's my favorite one on their menu. And it's still really good, after seeing this thread I got one today!

          2. I thought I was going to have to sound like a tourist and confess my love of the Woody Allen at the Carnegie Deli, but the banh mi recommendation reminds me how delicious the num pang are at Kampuchea. Sunburnt Cow introduced me to the Aussie burger -- topped with cheese, pineapple, eggs and beet -- which works surprisingly well.

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              huh, that sounds like a strange combination for a burger.

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                That's what I thought, but the earthy sweetness of the beet sinks into the beef and when combined with grilled pineapple, it sort of mimics the sweet-sour-umami profile of ketchup, but with a completely exotic flavor. And once you bite in, the yolk from the fried egg envelopes everything in a rich, cholesterol-laden bath. The best thing the Aussies have given us since Crocodile Dundee. Try one with a Foster's. You won't be disappointed.

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                  Huh, well, i guess you can't go wrong at least trying something that contains a burger and a fried egg and goes well with beer. As long as there isn't vegimite on it, I am game.

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                dont knock the woody allen...its stupid massive but its awesome.

                nyc doesnt do sandwiches like other cities do in my opinion...in brooklyn, i can say john's deli's shrimp parmagiana and catene's calamari parmagiana are life changing.

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                  well, i think i will have to skip the shrimp parmagiana b/c i am allerge to shrimp. But I love calamari.

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                    Hey Sam, I'd def like to try a really good shrimp parm. Can you tell me where John's Deli is?? Thanks!

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                      86th street and stillwell avenue in gravesend...awesome sandwich deli...the roast beef there is amazing...so are their italian items...rice balls, etc...

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                        I'll be sure to make the trip! Thanks again!

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                          the glutton in me goes to john's deli where i split a sandwich with a friend...and then we drive down the block to spumoni gardens for some square pizza.

                2. I am not a big fan of the Sandwiches at Grey Dog (at least not the one on University) I find them boring and don't think the bread is anything special, in fact I find it too fluffy and tasteless

                  I agree with the NYT about Tian on Waverly. Amazing filiafel and I love the eggplant/egg/hummus/cabbage sandwich, though I don't remember the name.

                  I used to go to a Vietnamese sandwich place in Brooklyn on Bergan, just off Smith that was pretty great too.

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                    I think you mean Taim? :)

                    222 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014

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                      oops, yes, thank you. I was salivating too much to concentrate.

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                      The eggplant–egg sandwich is the sabich. It's maybe even more life-changing than their falafel !

                      And you're thinking of Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches (the original location is in the E. Village).

                    3. One of my favorites for a good sandwich is Macciato on 44th between 3rd and lex. The grilled chicken sandwhich/ the vegetable sandwiches are AMAZING. the bread is fresh and delicious! (I don't eat red meat but the roast beef is supposed to be fantastic too!) Another favorite is Dishes- the breaded chicken gruyere cheese is delicious!

                      1. Mike's Deli in the indoor market near Arthur Ave in the Bronx has my favorite--the Fireman Special--needs to be made by one of the original guys from the deli and not the kids though. (Thank you to the chowhounder who orginally suggested this many posts ago).

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                          I know Mike's deli well and it is certainly one of my favs. Unfortunately, I want to stay in Manhattan tomorrow, especially since there is a Yankees game tomorrow.

                        2. My life altering sandwich was my first taste of banh mi. No, it wasn't the infamous Saigon one but a small deli on the Bowery. Before that moment, I've been lukewarm to sandwiches. Bread, meats, some veggies -- fine, they can be tasty but what's so special about them? I could do that at home. Big whoop. But one of my friends was raving about Vietnamese sandwiches and dragged me to the deli. It was biting into that crisp baguette, tasting the hot savory pork and the cool crunchy vegetables that changed my mind. My second banh mi was at Saigon (the old location). While it tasted objectively better (if one can ever say that) than the Bowery location, it still didn't have that life-altering quality of my very first banh mi. I will still have a place in my heart for that deli.

                          1. La Esquina's roast chicken torta is amazing, De Espana has some great choices as well, and classic: Katz's pastrami and mustard on rye.

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                              Despaña does have some great sandwiches, all served on Grandaisy ciabatta if I recall correctly. The Picante is my favorite.

                              (click on 'Bocadillos' to see the sandwich menu


                              The bagel sandwiches at Russ & Daughters are delicious -- I usually go for the Super Heeb.


                            2. roast beef on rye with mustard at the Original Sandwich Shoppe on Greenwich Avenue!

                              1. The Spicy Rizzak at Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop. I will never snub my nose at a turkey sandwich again.

                                1. Lamazou looks nice for pate sandwiches (I've never tried them), and they carry Columbus Salami which I love.

                                  Garden of Eden also makes some really great sandwiches, and they don't upcharge on some of the interesting salamis like the Black Forest (I think it's called?) with it's rounded curved puzzle piece edges. The Roasted Turkey sandwich with honey mustard, and brie (I think it's the #1 on the special sandwich menu) is usually excellent. It's made with their own roasted breast meat (they also make their own roast beef, which is a bit rare/juicy for my taste). I wish the turkey was off the bone instead of on the deli slicer but it's still one of the few combos I've craved in NY.

                                  The Gruyere and Apple sandwich at 'Wichcraft is nicely done.

                                  Does anyone here know where to find a good fresh turkey sandwich right off the bone on good bread year round? It's actually a little difficult to find a good ol' sandwich and avoid Boars Head meats in Manhattan!

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                                    Clover Deli on 34th & 2nd Avenue has fresh turkey sandwiches right off the bone and good breads. If you don't see the bread you want, go up to Todaro's on 31st & 2nd and buy the bread there.

                                  2. The "health sandwich" with sweet and sour eggplant and a roasted hard-cooked egg from Hoomoos Asli. Yum. Cheap, too.

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                                      Ooh yeah! I agree. That health sandwich is a serious food-gasm!!

                                    2. Porchetta panini at Morandi

                                      Not life altering, but REALLY good

                                      1. Via Quandronno on the upper east side, and they have great espresso

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                                          I had their Tentazione Prosciutto, Smoked Mozzarella, Rucola, Shrimp & Pink Sauce panini before. It was very good but wouldn't call it life altering.


                                        2. The.Best.Meatball.Hero. ... Crosby Connection's super sandwich - w/ricotta, topped with a tomato/basil sauce and shreds of fresh mozzarella, touch of pesto - $6. Located on 290 Elizabeth St between Houston and Bleecker in former Parisi bakery location (next to Rice)

                                          The.Best.Porchetta.Panino. ... Il Buco's slow roasted Flying Pigs Farm Heritage pig with wild fennel pollen and rosemary on ciabatta! $15 - 47 Bond Street

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                                            I think Crosby Connection is closed on Sundays though. (But I've been trying to try their meatball hero!)

                                          2. Sau Voi Corp in Cnatown has an amazing meatball sandwhich

                                            1. i don't mean to take this discussion to the outer boroughs, but the house sandwich at Defonte's in Red Hook, BK is life altering:

                                              fresh carved hot roast beef, fried eggplant and fresh mozz. it's unreal.

                                              1. Well, I am officially sandwiched out. Let me just start by thanking everyone for their suggestions. It has been one month since I have had bread or any kind of flour products, so a day of sandwiches was exactly what I needed.

                                                I started my day at Barney Greengrass with a Sturgeon and Nova sandwich on a bagel, which was great. Excellent quality fish and just the right amount of everything.

                                                Next, I headed to the LES to Frankie's Sputino for a meatball hero. I have had their meatball sandwich once in the past a very long time ago, and I love that they put raisins in it, not too mention the Sullivan Street bread. It was as good as I remembered, and the portion size is just right to that it wasn't too filling.

                                                For my mid day sandwich, I met a friend at Wildwood bbq. My original plan was to try Lamazou since it was recommended by so many people on these boards, but my friend really wanted to try wildwood, and it was not a disappointment, although this was the sandwich that was the most filling. I went with the Wild Park Brisket sandwich, which is brisket (which was succulent and probably the best bbq brisket I have had, on a sesame bun (hey, it's bbq, so a bun probably from pepperidge farm was fine by me), topped with provolone, coleslaw and onion rings. The bbq sauce was a bit too tangy for me, but it was still a great sandwich.

                                                After a long walk to burn off the brisket sandwich, dinner was a real treat. I took the advice of Ed Levine for this one and trekked up to 116th and 2nd avenue to Sandy's Lechoneria for the pork chop hero sandwich. This place is great. They literally hack the meat right off the pigs that swing in the windows. Perfectly cooked and just really great, not too mention I got to go to a neighborhood that I only frequent to get the occasional pie at Patsy's.

                                                At night, feeling like I need something sweet, I decided to take matters into my own hands. To me, there is no better combo than peanut butter and nutella, and my favorite bread is brioche, which are extremely easy to make. Having so much energy from my day of carbs, I whipped up a batch of brioche and while still hot, slathered on some natural peanut butter, nutella, a dash of cinammon and a couple of raisins. Yum, perfect ending to a day that included sandwiches and the fact I met a different friend for each sandwich allowed me to catch up with people I hadn't seen in a while.

                                                I know there are still so many sandwiches out there to try, but I think this was a good start. In all honestly, I think the portion sizes at the places I chose were great and none of them really left me too filled. The last sandwich of the day probabl did me in, but I was no worse for the wear and woke up on Sunday with a ton of energy and went on a nice 13 mile run.

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                                                  Went to Wildwood this weekend and did not have a good experience! I ordered the same sandwich (Wild Park) but they were out of onion rings and didn't tell us. Only noticed halfway through my sandwhich when something seemed missing. They were also out of my friend's beer selection and the salt and vinegar chips that are normally served with my sandwich, and the service left much to be desired. I understand growing pains, but I would not recommend wildwood... go to hill country instead!

                                                  1. re: aal22

                                                    Huh, very weird. I agree, the service left something to be desired, but that I did expect. I actually did not like havin bbq in such an upscale location. I prefer something more like dinosaur, but found the food to be excellent. Maybe give it another shot, but I agree, hill country is great.

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                                                      There is something to me extremely wrong about putting cheese and coleslaw (and onion rings!) on a brisket sandwich.

                                                      It should only be onion and pickles, on white bread.

                                                      (I'm from Texas though.)

                                                      1. re: cmballa

                                                        I actually took the onion rings out for the most part because i agree with you on that. Plus, I am not a huge onion ring fan.

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                                                    Sturgeon at BG and the meatball parm at frankie's are great. Try the banh mi at Saigon Bakery on Mott or at Momofuku. For Italian heros try the Pinocchio at Alidoro. Also the bocadillas at Despana are all great. Pastrami at Katz's or 2nd ave deli. Carl's for a decent philly cheesesteak. Duck rillette sandwich at Paradou is a recent winner as well.

                                                    1. re: guttergourmet

                                                      While we're talking about Saigon Bakery again I'll mention that their chicken banh mi is maybe the best in the city: they use chunks of grilled dark meat that look similar to their roast pork, rather than stringy, dried out white meat which is common in other shops.

                                                      Their meatball sandwich is also very good, but must be split with someone else, in cold weather, with lots of chili sauce (they keep some at the counter).

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                                                      Oh, how could I have neglected to mention this one? I LOVE that sandwich (the braised lamb sandwich, though the others are good too). Only available at lunch.

                                                    2. My Top Sandwiches:

                                                      - Murray's on Bleecker - Otto Goodness - Smoked Turkey on Tom Cat Bread with Swiss, House Dressing and Greens
                                                      - Carl's - Cheesesteak with wiz, onions and mushrooms
                                                      - Indian Bread Co. - Lamb Nanini - Roasted Lamb with honey mustard and mozz.
                                                      - Market Table - Turkey Club on Spiced Toast
                                                      - Overlook Lounge - Grilled Chicken Sliders with Chipotle Mayo
                                                      - Rose Water - Duck Confit Sandwich
                                                      - 'ino - Three Cheese, Bresola with Asparagus and Pecorino
                                                      - A hot corned beef sandwich at Katz's, Sarge's

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                                                        ginsbera: Duck Confit Sandwich?? OMG -- yum!!

                                                        WHERE IS ROSE WATER? I've never heard of this place...

                                                          1. re: Lucia

                                                            it was amazing, tender and some crispy bits of duck confit stuffed inside a pita with some veggies and a nice mayo or yogurt based sauce. A huge portion too and it was only $14 and included pimenton fries

                                                      2. The brisket between two potato pancakes sandwich at Junior's(only available at the Times Square location)

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                                                          I used to love hotdogs in a potato pancake "bun" as a kid.

                                                        2. Katz's Ive been to 100's of times, but today I had the best corn beef or is it corned beef sandwich of all time , at Katz's,, I asked for it juicy ,,it was like the O Toro of corn beef ,melted in my mouth,,, absolutely amazing,,i usually get their pastrami which is always the best. Oh yeah the sandwich weighed over a pound.

                                                          1. the italian from Dominicks