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May 2, 2008 10:30 AM

life altering sandwiches

After reading the NY times article about the great sandwiches in NY, I have such a hankering for a great sandwich. Tomorrow I am devoting my day to great sandwiches. Where are your favorites in NY? Looking for that great hidden spot.


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  1. Since I stopped eating red meat (no more pastrami), my favorite sandwich place is Lamazou on 27th and 3rd. It's a cheese/gourmet shop that also serves great sandwiches. If you do a search of the boards you'll find a few topics devoted to Lamazou if you're interested.
    My favorite sandwich there is the Caprice de Lamazou. It's the best!

    1. Grey Dog makes my favorite sandwiches in town...You can't beat that homemade bread!

      1. Don't miss Polecat's wonderful post:

        To state the obvious, Saigon Banh Mi pork banh mi, spicy.
        Ditto the lamazou rec--great sullivan st bread. the smoked salmon, with lemon dressing, thinly sliced onion, and capers, is delicious. (caveat: it's been a while since i was there last)

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        1. re: rose water

          wow, that review from polecast sold me. That is certainly one to try.

          1. re: rose water

            The smoked salmon sand. you're describing is the Caprice. It's my favorite one on their menu. And it's still really good, after seeing this thread I got one today!

          2. I thought I was going to have to sound like a tourist and confess my love of the Woody Allen at the Carnegie Deli, but the banh mi recommendation reminds me how delicious the num pang are at Kampuchea. Sunburnt Cow introduced me to the Aussie burger -- topped with cheese, pineapple, eggs and beet -- which works surprisingly well.

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            1. re: JungMann

              huh, that sounds like a strange combination for a burger.

              1. re: offthebeatenpath1

                That's what I thought, but the earthy sweetness of the beet sinks into the beef and when combined with grilled pineapple, it sort of mimics the sweet-sour-umami profile of ketchup, but with a completely exotic flavor. And once you bite in, the yolk from the fried egg envelopes everything in a rich, cholesterol-laden bath. The best thing the Aussies have given us since Crocodile Dundee. Try one with a Foster's. You won't be disappointed.

                1. re: JungMann

                  Huh, well, i guess you can't go wrong at least trying something that contains a burger and a fried egg and goes well with beer. As long as there isn't vegimite on it, I am game.

              2. re: JungMann

                dont knock the woody allen...its stupid massive but its awesome.

                nyc doesnt do sandwiches like other cities do in my brooklyn, i can say john's deli's shrimp parmagiana and catene's calamari parmagiana are life changing.

                1. re: sam1

                  well, i think i will have to skip the shrimp parmagiana b/c i am allerge to shrimp. But I love calamari.

                  1. re: sam1

                    Hey Sam, I'd def like to try a really good shrimp parm. Can you tell me where John's Deli is?? Thanks!

                    1. re: venezuelan

                      86th street and stillwell avenue in gravesend...awesome sandwich deli...the roast beef there is are their italian items...rice balls, etc...

                      1. re: sam1

                        I'll be sure to make the trip! Thanks again!

                        1. re: venezuelan

                          the glutton in me goes to john's deli where i split a sandwich with a friend...and then we drive down the block to spumoni gardens for some square pizza.

                2. I am not a big fan of the Sandwiches at Grey Dog (at least not the one on University) I find them boring and don't think the bread is anything special, in fact I find it too fluffy and tasteless

                  I agree with the NYT about Tian on Waverly. Amazing filiafel and I love the eggplant/egg/hummus/cabbage sandwich, though I don't remember the name.

                  I used to go to a Vietnamese sandwich place in Brooklyn on Bergan, just off Smith that was pretty great too.

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                  1. re: maxine

                    I think you mean Taim? :)

                    222 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014

                    1. re: kathryn

                      oops, yes, thank you. I was salivating too much to concentrate.

                    2. re: maxine

                      The eggplant–egg sandwich is the sabich. It's maybe even more life-changing than their falafel !

                      And you're thinking of Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches (the original location is in the E. Village).