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May 2, 2008 10:27 AM

Semi-"Catered" Meals for a Meeting

Set up:

A friend of mine is hosting a meeting next week. This thing is being planned on very short notice. She will be hosting all day working sessions... where she needs the full attention of her colleagues.

They won't have the time/luxury of going out for a meal. The meeting location is all set, but it is not in a hotel that offers full service catering. (and it is fine to bring in outside food)

The group is relatively small (4-8 people), and they are all executive directors of their own organizations.

And now for my question(s):

What are some good "take out" options for a meeting? I can pick-up, but I don't want to be driving all over town to pull this off.

Few rules:
Keep driving to a minimum, the meeting is in the Arboretum area.
No stinky foods, they are going to be confined to a small room together for 8 hours
Healthy foods
There will be access to a small kitchenette.

I forgot an important twist: They all consider themselves adventurous foodies

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  1. Jason's Deli delivers and has lots of healthy "box" lunch options.

    1. Maybe the Whole Foods at Gateway can put something together for you. Or a deli tray from Spec's in Arbor Walk or (believe it or not) Costco. There's a Tacodeli at Mopac and Braker along with a Mangia (I don't like their pizza but many do) and both deliver.

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      1. re: mkwng

        Costco does nice deli type trays and can do custom orders for you at reasonable prices.

      2. Manny Hattan's is right there, and they cater. It's not adventurous, but adventurous foods tend to be stinky, IMHO. By the way, as someone who's been stuck in small rooms with overwhelming food smells before, I applaud you for making that a consideration. That's very thoughtful of you!

        1. So what did they end up going with?

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          1. re: amykragan

            Final decision: Sandwiches from San Francisco Bakery ,drinks from Sun Harvest, and dessert platter and fruit from Costco.

            Pulled together the presentation with a few bowls and platters, some semi-nice paper products. And Viola! Business lunch for 6.

            It was pulled together without too much driving around/ or fussing. I would do the same pattern again for another meeting on short notice.

            Lessons learned:

            The dessert plate was a bit much for 6 people. I would divide the platter in half.
            Don't forget extra condiments. They had some, but were hunting for more mustard.