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May 2, 2008 09:45 AM

Brigtsens,Stella,or Gautreaus


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  1. Jfood reviewed 2 of the three from his visit last week.

    Brigtsen Review
    Stella Review

    And let's not forget Commanders

    1. Brigtsen's and Stella are both great but offer VERY different experiences. For visitors looking for a uniquely New Orleans experience, I would rank Brigtsen's over Stella. For those who want the most creative push-the-envelope experience, Stella wins out. I've only been to Gautreaus once, and it was lovely, but comes in third for me.

      1. I had absolutely one of the best meals of my life last week at Stella. Our party of four had the tasting menu with the wine parings. Simply outstanding!

        I ate at Brigtsens a year ago and was not soo impressed.

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          I've been to both places during the past 6 months. I have to agree with jfood...two very different experiences two unbelievable meals. Too close to call!

        2. Went to Gautreau's last week. Great meal! I was impressed with the delicious celery soup - very silky. Also, shrimp salad was terrific. New - (ish?) chef. I understand she is about to be named to Food & Wine's top new chefs this year. Room can be a bit noisy - it must have been the table with all the Spur's coaches...