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May 2, 2008 09:41 AM

Cafe Nervosa - I'm never coming back!

Last night, my BF and I decided to pop into dinner since I havent been there in a while. It was busy and we waited for at least ten minutes for someone to come help us. When a guy finally came, he just rudely aid "no tables!" and walked away. Understandbly, it was busy, he could've been flutstered. We looked at each other a little bewildered and I stood there because I wanted to ask when would be a better time to come back, or if there was a waiting list, etc. So he came back a few minutes later and he just gave us a dirty look and said, "no, no tables! you can stand there and wait all you want" and walked away again.

What kind of service is that?! It put a damper on the evening.

So, we walked up Avenue instead and went to L'Unita, where they appreciated our patronage.

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  1. Woah. That's wack. Thanks for the head's up pinkprimp ... that's unacceptable behaviour.

    1. My experience must have been 4/5 years ago and my husband and I have never been back. Same arrogant-like rude experience as well.

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        I'd be nervosa about attempting to eat there.