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May 2, 2008 09:38 AM

FROZEN Xiao Long Bao ?

Anyone have recommendations for the best FROZEN (take home) Xiao Long Bao in the GTA?

I am hoping to find a small specialty shop somewhere that makes it really well. The frozen stuff I've tried from grocery stores are not very good at all.


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  1. I always stock up when I go see my dentist in Scarbrough twice a year. $12 for 50 dumplings - they also have other types of dumplings and northern dim sim. The owner tells me everything is made fresh and there is no preservatives (in an effort to prevent me from stock piling, which I still do anyway). The store front (sorry... I can't remember the name - but it's in the middle of the strip) is in a non-so-busy Chinese strip mall at 25 Glen Watford Drive (Midland and Sheppard).