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May 2, 2008 09:32 AM

Nice: Bday Dinner

I am taking my bf to Nice for his birthday. I need to find a nice restaurant that serves great food. My budget is 100 EUR for two. I am considering taking him to Le Tire Bouchon. Are there other recommendations? Thank you.

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  1. I like Tire Bouchon very much. It has a nice atmosphere and good food. Another place I like in a similar price range is Le Pot de'Etain on rue Meyerbeer. It's a rather charming little place with good food.

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      IS Le Pot de'Etain closed? One of the sites said it closed down few months ago..?

      1. Dear Chowhound. You should try Restaurant Le Sapore, 19 rue Bonaparte (Place du Pin) 06300 NICE. T: 0492 04 22 09. They serve a fixed menu composed of many small dishes (tapas if you wish, but French style) at 28 euros/person. It's the place to be. Make sure you book early. Enjoy!

        1. Why don't you try Le Savanna. It's situated just off Rue Massena in the pedestrian zone in passage Emile Negrin. You can eat outside, in the conservatory or inside the restaurant. There's sufficient choice on the menu which is largely composed of local dishes using fresh regional produce. The menu, the wine and cocktail lists are reasonably priced and they often hold themed evenings which include music and dancing. The restaurant doesn't have a website but I have attached one of its flyers.