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May 2, 2008 09:13 AM

Cheese in Paris

I'm going to Paris in a few weeks and would like to try some cheeses that are not available here in the states. I have eclectic taste so I'm really open to anything. Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Go to one of the top cheese shops and let them guide you. Don't buy what you can't taste. Top cheese shops are listed regularly on this board, include: Cantin, Quatrehomme, Alléosse, Androuet, la Ferme Saint Honoré, and the guy on rue Lourmel whose name I can't remember. And also one in the rue des Martyrs by the rue Navarrin.

    1. For excellent Brie, Camembert and goat cheeses, add Barthelemy to the above list. The guy mentioned in the above post on rue Lourmel must be Christian Cantin.

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        Nah, that's not him. But that's another good address, as is Barthélémy.

        Laurent Dubois, 2, rue de Lourmel is actually who I was thinking of. He's got the oldest Comté in town, older than the king of cheeses Antony (best cheese shop in the world but it is in Alsace, near Basel)

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          Thanks. You're right. In my old age, I am confusing the Dubois and Cantins. Comte older than Antony's? more than 48 months? Wow.

      2. Astier is a restaurant that has a famous cheese course included in every meal. A huge platter of cheeses: self-serve, and no restrictions. Excellent restaurant, our favorite.

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          True. I think Astier cheese if from Quatrehomme.

        2. Many restaurants offer a cheese course and you can select from the chariot with the server's help so you will have a wide selection. I found that even those cheeses we can get in the states taste entirely different when they are fresher. My favorites include Epoisses, Delice de Pommard (coated in mustard seeds), Soumartrain, any goat cheese but the little crottins de chavignol are especially tasty, bleu de Bresse, Fourme d'Ambert. DK Books makes a fabulous little volume on the cheeses of France. Also check out McCalman's books on cheeses to get some ideas of flavors associated with the different types of cheese.