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May 2, 2008 09:08 AM

Kosher in Montreal- Suggestions for dinner?

Can anyone suggest a good kosher restaurant in Montreal for dinner on a Sunday night? Can be meat or dairy....we love sushi too! Just looking for the best...

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  1. Here is an international Kosher restaurant database that should help:

    Many of the restaurants have been rated by users.

    1. Try Pizza Pita they have a wide variety of pizza/salads and sushi though i would go just to have the poutine, you're Montreal after all

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        Thank you both for the suggestions, we will be going next week and I will make sure to post our experiences!

      2. Hiya, you may want to check out this thread on the Montreal/Quebec board with many suggestions:

        Kosher in Montreal

        1. Best kosher Sushi in the world, my husband says. He was raving and raving about it. He can't remember the name, though.

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            it's listed in the shamash database