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May 2, 2008 09:03 AM


Is there a good Italian restaurant serving canneloni in Philly? I'll be staying in center city but expect to cab it. A plus would be one that could also accommodate a vegetarian with a few options, not necessarily in canneloni.

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  1. So, should I assume that the answer is "no" to good canneloni?

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      We like Branzino, a byob on 17th St. just north of Spruce. You can probably walk there. I don't remember canneloni there, but there are good pastas.

      If you want to take a cab to South Philly, try Tre Scalini, on Passyunk Ave near Broad St. Their pasta with three kinds of mushrooms is delicious, as is their grilled polenta with broccoli rabe and other homemade pastas. Also byob.

    2. Call Porcini and ask whether they have it on the menu. I've had it there in the past. Also, Locanda Il Ghittone has a good "crespelle," which is pretty much the same thing. Both restaurants have vegetarian pasta options.

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