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May 2, 2008 09:00 AM

best of Linthicum/Hanover area in Md

We are going to the Preakness in just a couple of weeks and are hoping to try a couple of different places this year than normal. We've to to the G&M, Olive Grove, and Seaside in Glen Burnie. But this year I was considering Gunning's or Nick's Fish House. Any feedback on either of those two places? or other recommendations for great crabs, crab cakes, or Italian food? Input is greatly appreciated. We have a fairly large party (12-18) going out to dinner Friday and Saturday (post-Preakness).

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  1. Gunning's is good and down the road lies Timbuktu both offering crab cakes, steaks, etc. Never been to Nick's but it's funny you should ask about Linthicum. I have reservations this weekend at Snyder's Willow Grove on Hammonds Ferry Rd. I haven't been there in literally decades so we'll see....

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      We actually went to Snyder's last year and it was very good, and close to our hotel in Linthicum. We may go there again on Saturday night this year.

    2. Timbuktu had really good crabcakes when I use to work on that side of town.

      1. Nick's Fish House is in South Baltimore. The location on the water makes it a nice place for a group. The last time I was there, the music was so loud we opted not to go in. The sense I get is that the restaurant is secondary to the bar.

        Closer to Linthicum/Hanover, I would add in Kaufmann's Tavern in Gambrills:

        1. I will recommend Gunnings for great seafood, and Cream of Crab soup. They have really good batter on their "hard Fries" literally a hard crab cleaned out and dipped in their batter and fried,they are delicious. Also you have to try their deep fried Pepper Rings. They are a different taste then the normal Onion Rings and made with Green Peppers. Very good also.

          As a poster said below, I will also recommend Snyders for very good and tasty Prime Rib. I got the small portion approx 6 months ago and it was still a very large piece of rib and very tasty. Also where most restaurants will offer a horseradish sauce, they brought out straight horseradish which I really liked.

          1. This Yankee Chowhound visits Balmer nearly every year to eat and maybe watch a ballgame or two. We LOVE Gunnings- have always found the seafood to be fresh and tasty. I especially like the Yuengling on draft. (not available in Mass.)

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              Gunning's is the best seafood house in that area, although Ocean Prride on York road in Lutherville is IMO the best of the best.