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May 2, 2008 08:58 AM

Church Avenue Poulty Market

I am pleased to report that an excellent new take-out place has recently opened in Scarsdale Village on Popham Road adjacent to the train station (on the Popham Road Bridge). Here is a link to their website: The name does not really do them justice-- it is much more than just a rotisserie chicken place.

I have now taken home food from them several times and it is delicious. In addition to rotisserie chicken, duck and turkey, they have several terrific and unusual chicken salads-- one is a curried chicken salad with cranberries and almonds another is a "fiesta chicken salad" with corn and peppers. They also make a terrific turkey meatloaf which reminded me of the turkey meatloaf they used to make at the old Hay Day when it first opened in Scarsdale 10 or so years ago (now a Balduccis).

The baked goods they sell are delicious-- their banana muffins are among the best I've ever had-- much lighter and more natural tasting than the ususal heavy sort. They also make pananis and I understand that they get bread delivered daily from a baker on Arthur Avenue.

Everything is carefully prepared. The fruit salad contains fruit that appears to be hand-diced to an incredibly small size. The fruit salad almost always includes some finely chopped mint which gives it a nice extra bit of flavor. The menu posted on-line is not huge but they always have some interesting specials.

I am told that they are staffed primarily by students from the Culinary Institute and the French Culinary Institute.

It is exactly what the Scarsdale area needs and I am shocked that it is not packed whenever I go there. I'm reallly hoping they succeed and are able to maintain the high standards I have experienced so far. Please give them a try. I think they are hurt a bit by the fact that, because they are on the bridge, the closest parking is around the corner. Don't let this daunt you.

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING!! i live right down the street from them and i was wondering if they were open yet! Im so exciteddd!!!!

    1. I picked up food this afternoon from Church Avenue Poultry Market for my family's dinner tonight. I got a whole chicken, 4 chicken tenders, some macaroni and cheese and some noodle pudding.

      The chicken was definitely different than the chicken that I usually get at Stew Leonard's (which we like). Very flavorful and "herby" although I couldn't really figure out what they put on it. The chicken tenders were good -- I think they had a cornmeal crust (my husband thought these were great). I didn't really care for the macaroni and cheese. I can't really pinpoint it, but there was a particular flavor (maybe a certain cheese) in there that I didn't like. My husband and daughter really liked it, though. And noodle pudding is not something I eat often (only at Yom Kippur break fast!) but I saw it, and it looked good. It was good -- it had a cornflake crumb top and no raisins.

      I will say that the place was spotless, which was nice. It's not a great location if you happen to be passing by and want to stop in. Unless you know where to park, they are not going to get much random business. And I, too, hope that they succeed. I happen to know the owner's daughter and they are nice people. However (and this is a big however), the whole rotisserie chicken that I got was $13.78. That's a lot of money for a chicken.

      1. I have driven past them a couple of times now, and each time I was curious but kept going because:
        a) I wasn't sure where to park on the spur of the moment and there were too many cars behind me to stop and pull over;
        b) I thought they were an actual poultry market!
        Now that I know they sell prepared foods that are of good quality, I will definitely give them a try and suggest that my friends in Scarsdale try them, as well. It has always seemed odd to me that a village like Scarsdale had such weak dining options.

        1. We tried this place a few days ago -- the salad was nice, nothing out of the ordinary, just a good decent salad. The dressing had a nice robust flavor to it. The chicken also had a nice flavor but the skin on it was a little soggy -- I like my rostisserie chicken with a little crisp on the skin, maybe it got "steamed" in the container.

          Personally, I don't think these guys have anything on Ruffled Feathers when it comes to chicken and sides. The muffin and the rugelach we had were terribly dry. The prices were a little outrageous too. We fed three people and it cost us over 60 dollars.

          We may try it again, but the parking situation and location is ridiculous -- not sure if its worth it.

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          1. re: RawTunaFan

            where is ruffled feathers?

            i've tried church avenue, only because its next to the train station. very good, but i don't know if i'd go back save for the convenient location (for commuters). parking is available in back.

            1. re: RawTunaFan

              I had to reply to this because it's so obviously biased that it honestly seems like a plant. After I read the rest of the reviews here I'm even more suspicious - interesting how a competing restaurant is mentioned as being superior by all the other "independent" reviews.

              First of all, the food is excellent. I've eaten at Church Avenue a number of times for lunch - everything I try is just plain good. If I'm feeling a little tired after work I'll pick up dinner for the kids. They love the rotisserie chicken and the turkey breast. It's hard enough to find something kids will eat but when it's healthy AND you like it too you know you've found something special.

              $60 for three people? That's literally impossible. If you really push it you could spend half of that and I can feed my family for less than $30. Maybe they ate one of everything?

              Parking isn't obvious but you can either park in the village near Zachys or use the CVS lot or the street at the bottom of the hill. If you look around it's easy to find a spot, you just can't park right in front because it's on Popham at the bridge.

              I've been to Ruffled Feathers and if you think it's good you owe it to yourself to give Church Avenue Poultry a try. It's restaurant quality food you can take home to your family.

            2. The original comment has been removed