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May 2, 2008 08:21 AM

Meyer lemons

Where in Chicago can I get Meyer lemons this time of year? Is there a season for them (as if there is a season for any produce anymore :) ?



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  1. Peak season for Meyer lemons is the end of November through February and perhaps early April. Probably too late now to find them anywhere.

    1. Yeah, probably too late now. I saw them a month ago at both Whole Foods (Canal and Roosevelt) and Treasure Island (Clybourn near Webster).

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        I was at the same Whole Foods maybe a week ago and I saw some, though they were not as nice as the ones they had a month ago.

      2. I picked up a few Meyer lemons at Market Place on Oakton @ 4817 W. Oakton, Skokie this past weekend. They refer to them as "sweet lemons," but they're Meyer lemons. I cut one up and put it in a green salad. Delicious.

        1. It might be too late but I saw them at my local Dominick's grocery store (in Northbrook). I'm sure many common grocery stores like Whole Foods, Jewel or farmer's markets had them. Good luck!