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May 2, 2008 07:59 AM

Philadelphia Wine Festival

I was wondering if anyone has been to the Philadelphia Wine Festival at the Convention Center.

It looks interesting, but I must admit that I was somewhat shocked by the $125 ticket price. Has anyone been? Is it worth the money? From what I read online, it looks like there is food from local restaurants. What types of restaurants? Is the food included in the admission price? I looked on the website, but it didn't have a whole lot of details about the event.


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  1. I went last year and had a blast, but I got free tickets (in the biz). Personally, I think the ticket price is too high though. The wines available to taste are great, but many of the better wineries are only available during the industry-only hours in the afternoon. Last year, most of the food was only from DiBruno's (cheese, crackers, and small hors d'oevres) and Hershey's chocolates - a smattering of other restaurants were briefly offering some food. Don't expect to leave full.