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can someone suggest a good place for pho- other than the usual suspects in china town

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  1. Get in your car and take a drive out Rt 3 to Lowell.

    My favorite is the home-made version at Phien's Kitchen. Other good versions at either Da-Lat (one on Middlesex and one on Chelmsford), or Pho 88.

    At Phien's get some of their home made sausage or larb or tongue - all wonderful dishes.

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      the homemade sausage at phien's kitchen is incredible

      try pho 2000 (dorchester), pho so 1 (dorchester), pho yuen dong (quincy), and pho viet (allston) for pho and other good vietnamese dishes

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        Second the Pho Viet in the Super 88, Allston. Just had the pho the other day and it was great.

      1. For Dorchester, I rank them as Pho So 1, Pho 2000, and good old Pho Hoa, in either Dot or Quincy (on Hancock).

        1. i always suggest pho hoa- never fails

          1. I'm a pho-natic

            Outside of Chinatown I'd rank the ones I've had worth mentioning as..
            1. Pho Hoa (Dorchester) - they serve them REALLY hot, which means no sad cold soup ending
            2. Pho 2000 (Dorchester)
            3. Le's (Harvard Sq) - it's a shame it's in a semi-mall, it's really quite good
            4. Pho So 1 (Dorchester)

            Pho Viet in the Super 88 would probably break into the top three if they provided proper spoons and not the sharp plastic throwaway ones. They really ruin good pho eating, which is all about the temperature. It's ludicrous that they haven't got real spoons considering they're happy to give you lovely ceramic bowls.

            1. I've had good pho (and other Vietnamese dishes) at Pho So 1 in Randolph, and at Pho Yuen Dong in Quincy, next to the Kam Man Asian market.

              1. I am addicted to pho and one year spent +$3000 (not typo) on pho but had to stop due to doctor's advice. I'd rank the place exactly as teaTomE...

                1. Pho Hoa (Dorchester) - top choice by far among VNmese locals and visitors.
                2. Pho 2000 (Dorchester) - humongous bowl
                3. Le's
                4. Pho So 1 (Dorchester)

                I have heard good thing about Pho Yuen Dong but avoid that way due to the constant traffic. The worst ever bowl pho I've ever had in life is Anh Hong; I tried and tried and then said "what the pho**" and walked out.

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                  Wow, Joe - what was the doctor's advice all about?

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                    Hmm, I thought pho was healthy, but too much salt?

                2. Any Pho recomendations in the Lynn Area?

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                    pho lynn on munroe street and pho minh ky on union street

                  2. There's a new pho place in somerville (pho n' rice) that I haven't been able to get to yet, but it seems to have some good reviews: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/590627

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                        The worst ever bowl pho I've ever had in life is from Anh Hong in Fields Corner; I tried and tried and then said "what the pho**" and walked out. Everything else there is very good.

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                          Sorry you feel that way, blow. I was polite enough to stay. I thought what I had was fine.

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                            I found Anh Hong to be overly salty once, but the other times have been wonderful. Rich broth, lots of good fresh mix ins, and a nice taro blended smoothie.

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                              I like them all. The new one just down the street from Anh Hong seems to be a little pricier. I like all the shakes I've had except the avocado. It had an onion-y after taste. Taro and jack fruit are great.

                        2. I used this thread tonight for Pho advice. Thanks everyone. For the first time, I ventured to Dorchester for Pho. I went to Pho Hoa, which I was a little hesitant with at first since it's a chain, and I wasn't too impressed with Pho Hoa 2 in Chinatown on Thursday. However, the Dorchester location was SO much better. The both was incredibly flavorful, piping hot, veggies, tofu, and noodles were perfect, service was excellent. Oh, and they make a great red bean bubble tea.

                          Thanks everyone for the tips. Pho 2000 is next!

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                            You may wanna try the 'beef-seven-course' at Pho 2000 instead; which they are extremely famous for since 1996.

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                              cosign! (as i feel like i do every time 7 course beef comes up. )after the first time, settle on your favorite 3 or 4 dishes and replace various courses with the ones you like better.