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May 2, 2008 07:31 AM

Anyone tried Edgewood Café?

Just saw the blurb in projo foodnotes and was thinking about heading over this weekend....

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  1. I saw the same blurb in the Pro Jo food section. My wife and I have been trying to save some money lately by going to BYOB restaurants. Cutting out the cost of a bottle of wine from the check really saves a lot. We tried Edgewood Cafe on Sat. night and thought it was pretty good. It's kind of an unusual place in that it is in an old fashioned neighborhood retail space, (similar to Restaurant Oak) complete with awnings and a bakery next door. I don't know the neighborhood but it seems like there would not be enough foot traffic to sustain a restaurant like this. It's small, only eleven tables. It's only been open two weeks. The interior was redone nicely but it seemed like they had not done any decorating - no pictures on walls, no flowers on table etc.
    There were only two other tables occupied at any given time during our meal. The waitress was really nice and did a nice job other than her twice commenting on how impressed she was with our appetites.(so we're big eaters and the food was good)
    I had the calamari appetizer and that was some of the best I have had. Most imporantly the squid was tender and juicy and the batter was light and crispy but I really liked the way he lightly tossed it with a balsamic vinagrette and pickled peppers and grape tomatoes. My wife had a spinach salad which she really liked. I had the ribs which were fairly generous and pretty good - nothing special - served in a basket with some roasted potatoes and a side salad. My wife had salmon with a panko dijon crust. I tasted the salmon and it was very moist and flavorful. She got some nice broccoli and carrots steamed and seasoned as well as roasted potatoes and a side salad. The bill came to $48 before tip. Don't recall if they had a corking fee. The menu is pretty small and they mostly have some tasty-sounding burgers and pizzas. I would recommend this place to a friend. But I would probably not go back myself because it is a little out the way for us (from Cumberland) and we don't eat very often so we like to try a different place every time. Besides I don't have much hope for a little place like this surviving more than a year but I wish them the best.

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      I have to disagree about the lack of foot traffic; this is in a neighborhood where most people prefer places they can walk to.

      I haven't been yet personally but friends went for lunch the other day. They said the food was pretty good but, like most brand new places, they hadn't sorted out all the kinks yet. They only had one server on for lunch and they were pretty busy, and also only one high chair. (This neighborhood is also busting at the seams with young families so it would probably behoove them to get some more).

      I'm looking forward to tryinig it out myself soon.

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        Very little stays in that spot on Broad Street. The Edgewood Cafe seems to have the best chances so far. The food is reasonably priced and the quality is good. I agree that there are kinks that need to be worked out, but everything in time. I was sad that they opted for brunch rather than breakfast, but our first bunch there was quite good.. We made a special trip back again for brunch a week later, only to discover that Edgewood Cafe is now NOT serving brunch during the summer. ?? I would think that would be the time TO serve brunch. And not just on Sunday's. I understand that dinner chef/owners don't love breakfast, but this seems to be a neighborhood that cries for it. Despite the lack of continuity in this location, I think this a wonderful little spot. The Edgewood Cafe is a nice little spot, but I don't like the ficklness in hours of opperation. Call before you go.

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          This was recommended by a friend and we drove up from South County..oh my..We had dinner there last night. We had the calamari, pesto chicken pizza, past fagiol and garlic fries. We will be coming back. Service is great, and fun. Food was excellent.

        2. Anyone who misses the Bookstore Cafe in Providence should check it out. The calamari is just one of the favorites in addition to great new dishes. I try to always support locally, independantly owned restaurants, and this one is great.

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            I ended up having lunch there with my daughter one afternoon and it was quite nice. I love the outdoor seating. I hope they make it; as of yet I haven't seen too many people in there.

          2. I get it now. Pro. Secret handshake. Wink-wink!