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May 2, 2008 07:15 AM

UES bagels

My girlfriend loves the bagels at Orwashers (78th/2nd), and I always buy some during the week so that she can have them for breakfast on the weekend. Under the new owner, however, they no longer sell bagels during the week--just on weekends. I just found out about this yesterday.

Since I don't relish getting up early on a weekend to go to the bakery (we live around 85th/1st), does anyone have any recommendations for places that sell equally good bagels? I'm not looking for something like Tal Bagels (she doesn't care for their bagels) or Hot and Crusty (ditto). Even a deli with a good supplier is fine.

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  1. its surely too far away, but bagelworks on 66th and 1st has fantastic bagels

    1. What about the "we're not related" H&H around 80th/2nd or so?

      1. I never knew Orwasher's sold bagels! Oh well. I' m not a fan of Tal's or H&H but my wife seems to find the bagels acceptable from East Side Bagel on the NE corner of 1st Ave and 78 Street. You could try it.

        1. Many thanks. Good suggestions all. Maybe I'll set up a tasting tomorrow.

          1. Bagel Bob's York & 86th. better than all the rest.

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              I happen to like Bagel Bob's as well (good balance of salt, crust has a good texture). I also live off York, so it's most convenient for me. I'd be interested to know if anyone who lives a bit further (2nd or 3rd maybe) goes out of their way to go there, since I like their bagels enough not to explore other options. Anyone go out of their way for BB's?