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May 2, 2008 07:08 AM

West Village Eats

I have tried searching the board for information on this, but I haven't found exactly what I am looking for. I am trying to find local cheap eats for regular week days. My friend does not like crazy food, and we have become stuck in a rut of going either to Corner Bistro or Benny's Burritos everytime we don't feel like cooking. Now, I love Corner Bistro, and Benny's is great for margaritas and the food is passable, but if I am paying to eat out, I want to enjoy my food.
Does anyone know any cheap eats in the west village that are great for lingering and drinking and catching up and serves quality food?

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  1. 'ino, Shag, La Lanterna. My favorite place of all would be Lederhosen where I can relax with a liter of beer and a few sausages for less than I'd pay for an appetizer elsewhere.

    1. Hudson Falafel, Momma Buddha, Pepe Verde, 8th Street Wine Cellar, Tavern on Jane, Isla, Gaetana.

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        Agree on Hudson Falafel (chicken tawouk platter), Isla, but Pepe Verde is quite ordinary, and not that cheap. Go next store to Da Andrea.

      2. i dont go to corner bistro anymore unless its 2am on a tuesday. the crowd is usually pretty awful and the burgers are not as good when theyre crowded.

        i go to tavern on jane across the street instead...awesome bar food, a great burger, great bartender, and good crowd.

        ino is is moustache for great middle eastern...they deliver if the wait is too long for a table. there's da andrea for italian, stand for burgers, french roast is ok for diner food...there's lots of places.

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          I debated recommending Moustache because it's so popular, but I find it cramped, I don't think they have drinks and I dislike the food. I grew up on proper Middle-Eastern food, though, so perhaps the bar might be set a little higher.

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            probably...i just go for their merguez sandwich...i love it.

        2. The above recs are good, and I'd also add Cafe Asean for good pan-Asian food and pretty cheap.

          1. Thanks so much for the recommendations! I will definitely try pushing some of these new places with my friends we are trying to decide where to go/what to do.