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May 2, 2008 06:50 AM

Family dinner recommendation in Old Scttsdale?

I'm a Seattle chowhound visiting in June to meet up with the family clan and we need a place to hold a birthday dinner on a Friday night -

9 adults - varying degrees of foodiness
2 kids - eat pretty much anything but - well - they're kids!
1 infant - unpredicatable noises, volume, etc :)

Some will be staying in central Phx, others near the Scottsdale Fashion Square (is it still called that?) and yet a couple of others in N. Scottsdale so we're thinking downtown/old Scottsdale area.

We're looking for something under $20 p/person (not including drinks), good food, good options, kid friendly - would be nice to avoid chain restaurants but I know that can be tough in Scottsdale.

Looking to my SW Chowhounds for!??

Thanks for any suggestions -

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  1. Well, my first thought would be Patsy Grimaldi's. Yeah, I suppose it's a chain, but given the size and makeup up your group, it may be the best option in the area. And pizza is always easy to deal with for a larger group.

    Patsy Grimaldi's Pizzeria
    4000 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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    1. re: boingo2000

      Yep. That was my first thought too. Pizza is pretty much something that's universally loved. Even though I don't think Grimaldi's has the best pizza in the valley, the mere mention of pizza should make the kids happy.

    2. It's not as exciting as in the past, but I like Roaring Fork for kids+adults special occasions. We'll be there next weekend for a Mother's Day dinner with two 6 year olds and a 9-monther, I'll report back afterwards. I believe it will be right at/a little above your price preference. They have a menu online, here's the place link.

      EDIT: FYI, it's not exactly in Old Scottsdale, just a bit north.

      Roaring Fork
      4800 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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      1. re: yamalam

        This is one of the places we are considering so if you get a chance to report back it would be great! Thanks in advance!

        1. re: middle1

          After our Mother's Day experience, here are my thoughts:

          1. They can handle big groups well. In addition to our group, there were 2 prom night tables there in varying states of giggly rowdiness and they didn't disturb the overall noise level or atmosphere.

          2. They make accomodations for kids. Our lil ones got coloring books and crayons, and while there wasn't a printed kids menu, the waiter said the kitchen can do Chicken Fingers, Quesadillas, Mac and Cheese or little burgers. In addition to our party of 6 plus 3 kids, I saw at least 4 or 5 other tables with kids, including a couple high chairs, and they weren't out of place.

          RF will also be good for the varying degrees of foodiness, as you put it. Their menu is simple and straightforward, but done well, and with little touches to satisfy the foodies(like the awesome softshell crab special I had). I thought it was a little expensive ...granted I am totally cheap but the entrees were $20+, plus $8 salads and not every entree included a starch. However, if you're on vacation, and it's a birthday, and want to let loose, then why not. But if I had to do my (mother-in-law's) Mother's Day celebration again, I'd go to Humble Pie.

      2. I'm clueless when it comes to large parties. Some of my favorite places just aren't laid for a table of twelve.

        I think you should consider Central Phoenix. It might actually be easier for the N. Scottsdale folks, depending on the state of road construction. Certainly, there will be more non-chain, kid-friendly choices. Sierra Bonita and Phoenix City Grill come to my mind.

        1. Another thought for pizza: Humble Pie. It's only a few miles north of Old Scottsdale... and their pizza is fantastic. I think some larger parties have eaten there in the past couple of months and reported it on CH and loved it, even ones with kids(it's only been open for a few months). If you search for Humble Pie on CH you should get some recent threads pop up.

          Their website is :

          Humble Pie
          6149 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250

          1. Outside at Los Sombreros would be nice if it is early June. Dinner after 7:00 would be pleasant and the menu should accomodate a range of tastes.I have seen them accomodate fairly large groups there.