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May 2, 2008 06:08 AM

Zaccaro's--good panini in Detroit

Some people have fearlessly opened Zaccaro's, a fancy grocery on Woodward about six blocks north of Comerica Park. You can get about eight kinds of herb vinegar there, although not a box of Wheaties. At their deli counter they make panini, heated up in a George Foreman-type grill if you wish, for $7.95. You can certainly get a cheaper sandwich in Detroit, or a bigger sandwich for that price, but I've had a couple and liked them both. There are also things like spinach cannelloni and mac and cheese that can be heated up, and they have coffees and great pastries, plus the big old-fashioned Faygo bottles and imported sodas. Some tables, plus takeout; beer and wine are supposedly on the way.

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  1. We wandered into Zaccaro's last Sunday after a lovely breakfast at the Atlas Global Bistro across the street. Interesting place, especially given the location. Upscale with great products. Like a mini Whole Foods. We bought some spanish chorizo, which I later used to make a nice quick dish with diced potatoes. It was excellent. I definitely will visit again when I'm in the area.

    1. FYI - there is a review of Zaccaro's in last week's Metro Times. Best of luck to the owners - I think its a great addition for downtown living.

      1. The owners are out of Traverse City. They opened up a store in downtown Charlevoix and then closed it 6 months later. It is tough to make it with a store like that in a small town. Hopefully there is enough of a market in Detroit to support a store like this.

        1. They're now also serving soul-food lunch plates prepared at the counter. Molly A. likes them:

          I'll try 'em soon and report back.