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Luncheon fave near St. Lawrence Market?

We haven't shopped at the St. Lawrence Market for awhile, so we're going there tomorrow (Saturday). We'd like to have have lunch nearby, and I'd appreciate your suggestion for an inexpensive restaurant or pub. We used to go to a second floor seafood pub (I forget its name) on Market Street across the street from the market, but I believe it closed awhile back. Any suggestions for a substitute, please?

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  1. Le Petit Desjeuner on King St South side just East of Jarvis...Miranda

      1. re: MindGrinder

        Uh, I guess I should have said GOOD, and inexpensive.

      2. The Patrician Grill is nearby. Totally old-school diner with more-than-decent diner food.

        1. I love the Irish Embassy just down the street at Yonge for a weekend lunch (when it's not filled with Bay St. suits). Just a beautiful space, and the food, while not revelatory, is pretty good.

          1. It won't change your life, but for a chain I think that Fionn McCool's (on the Esplanade) makes some pretty good food.


            I also second the recco for the Irish Embassy.

            1. A short walk away is Zoulpy's at 244 King E at Princess (one block east of Sherbourne). They have a small, free parking lot in the back for patrons, but the walk is nothing. Inexpensive, old-fashioned diner with huge portions. A woman just can't be dainty when eating one of their sandwiches. I actually pass on the peameal at the SLM in favour of theirs. If you search the board, I think you'll find a lot of love for the place.

              1. Though not the most original suggestion on this board, you should be able to navigate the menu at JK Wine Bar for lunch for not too much money. It is the best food in the direct area. I think they're open for lunch Saturday. I would just grab a spicy chicken sandwich from the Churassco place on the left as soon as you walk in the main entrance (ask for extra sauce) The fries are good and generous. Get a few rissois to stop the heart. And finish off with an custard tart. Grab a bench in the park across the street. That's St Lawrence market lunch for me!

                1. How about Harlem on Richmond? It's only a couple of streets up from the market.

                  1. A little off-topic but If you want a sandwich to go, Mustachio's in the basement of St. Lawrence Market makes some great chicken and eggplant sandwiches. Make sure to ask for cheese, I always forget the cheese. Truth be told, when I'm in the area I'd rather eat a sandwich there than chance it at most places outside.