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May 2, 2008 05:03 AM

American/French Warm and Roomy

Hi- looking for somewhere to take my mom post theatre next Sat. night. She likes a warm ambience with roomy tables. No cramped quarters and not too modern. American or French--not too concerned with price. A trip to the city is a rarity so trying to find something special. Prefer west 40's but willing to grab a cab...thanks so much!

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  1. Marseille (44th and 9th) is quite comfortable and has excellent French and Moroccan food. I've gone late on Saturdays and as the crowd is thinning out they will usually seat 2 people at a table for 4 so you have lots of room, but even the tables for 2 are pretty well spaced.

    1. West Bank Cafe, on 42nd St., b/t 9th & 10th, serves delicious New American cuisine. Friendly, capable service. Attractive, warm decor. Well-spaced tables, some free-standing and others along a very comfortable banquette.

      1. I'm sorry I don't know of anything in the west 40s, but if you don't mind making a short trip up to Ouest on the UWS, I think that would fit the bill perfectly. They have large leather banquettes. It's a classy, elegant, yet comfortable place with impeccable food and service.

        2315 Broadway, New York, NY 10024