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May 2, 2008 05:02 AM

Union Square area, under $20, leisurely lunch

I'm looking for something other than Portfolio, more amenities and relaxation than Chop't, and given price point, not so elaborate as US Tavern, Kellari, Tocqueville, Fleur de Sel.

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  1. basta pasta 17th between fifth and sixth great 14$prix fixe

    1. Via Emilia, on 21st, b/t PAS & B'way.

      1. Below 14th, Jack's on University, or the Japanese/Lemongrass place on 13th.

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          also below University, I like Cafe Spice for Indian between 10th and 11th. Reasonable lunch menu and nice booths.

          1. Marquet on 12th between University and 5th has lovely sandwiches and salads, but very slow service. and my favorite is Tea Amore, a little French/Japanese tea shop with great simple sandwiches and soups in a minimal rustic old-world space.