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Little Italy

Did a search of the board and didn't really find anything about recommendations in Little Italy. I haven't been in a long time, the last being at least 10 years ago at Il Cortile. We have to be somewhere near there next Saturday night, and would like some recommendations in Little Italy. That is where the people we are going to be with want to go.

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  1. Why not start here, with a review from Brian on a very positive lunch experience?


    1. Paesanos on Mulberry Street. Very good food that is reasonably priced. Order a bottle of the house wine(it cheap about $18) but is excellent. Stay away from the manicooti other than that everything is excellent

      1. Da Nico gets my vote in the "If you have to go to dinner in Little Italy" category.

        1. angelos on mulberry.

          1. Since the food in Little Italy is uniformly mediocre, we usually go for atmosphere and choose La Mela. There is no menu - everything is served family style, and you're charged by the number of people in your party and the number of courses you eat. They bring you a caprese salad first, then an antipasti course, then pasta (3 kinds), then grilled meats (3 kinds). We're usually full by the time we finish the pasta, but I have had the meat course a few times as well. The food is fine - not great, but fine - and the atmosphere is fun. They bring you big bottles of cheap wine and you can just drink to your heart's content. It's obviously less refined than some of the other restaurants down there, so it's not appropriate if you want something semi-formal, but it really can be fun and the food is decent and plentiful!

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              Thanks, these are all great suggestions. We're not looking for formal. We're going to a club afterwards where our niece's band will be performing.

            2. If it has to be Little Italy, Mulberry Street only, then I have nothing to add to the conversation but if you are willing to go a couple of blocks north I highly recommend Peasant on Elizabeth Street between Spring and Prince or Bread at 20 Spring. Both have excellent food.

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                We went to Peasant a few weeks ago actually, and were less than thrilled about it, to say the least. Didn't think the food was that terrific, and also thought the service was not good at all. The pacing of the meal was terrible.

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                  Yep. Peasant is unremarkable, oily. Reminds me of Lupa, dull food in a hectic room.

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                    Yup, similar to Lupa, a place I really enjoy although I would describe it differently. Sorry I couln't be more helpful, I hope Robin finds a good meal on Mulberry.