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May 1, 2008 11:46 PM

Wine tasting in Napa Valley

I am a wine lover and I am bring some friends from Wash. State to Napa. What wineries are worth visiting. I dont care for the boring tours of winemaking, but rather prefer the quaint and beautiful wineries that sell or offer high quality wine in a pretty setting.

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  1. One of the best tours is Del Dotto. Absolutely a blast, barrel tasting in the caves and the wines are wonderful. Love the Cabernat Franc! I think they sellit in the futures. I have not been to their new location (they have two) but my appt is already made for June. Tastings run apx $45-50 per person.
    Also, Schramsberg has another great tour, the history, the caves, and it is a beautiful location.
    A friend just got back and highly recommended Duckhorn (we have that booked as well) Actually he is from Washington State!
    have a great time

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      Do we want the cave or bar tasting experience? Thanks for the great tip!!!

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        We'd be coming from Healdsburg to do Del Dotto--if there for the day, what are other close must do wineries for pretty settings and high end (less commerical) vineyards?

        Also what restaurants are close for dinner b/w Terra, Ad Hoc, Redd...

        Is Caarneros Inn close enough to go for a cocktail to enjoy the views?

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          If you are in Yountville for lunch try Jessup Cellars. It is on Washington street directly across from the (now closed) P.J's Steak. Don't be fooled by the location the wine is great and they rely on word of mouth so it's not a tourist trap.

      2. My two favorites when I vist Napa are:

        Joseph Phelps - and the view is good and the view is great
        Silver Oak Cellars - - the wine is phenominal IMHO

        1. Here's the deal....
          Definitely go to Joseph Phelps. That was a good wine tasting and killer setting. Go in the morning if possible. We went to Terra Valentine in the Spring Mountain District, that was really cool as well. Spring Mountain District is up in the Mtns outside of St. Helena. Very nice setting. We went to Duckhorn also. Pretty nice but not great. Mumm for Champagne was ok. Everyone talks about Shramsburg, but you need to check the times for the tours. Unfortunately, we weren't able to sync up.

          1. Sinsky and Del Dotto get lots of good reviews as well. Don't bother with Niebaum Coppola or Rubicon or whatever it's called now. Too expensive to just drive on the grounds. Have heard that Silver Oak is also nice.

            1. I went to Del Dotto with a large group and we had a great time. It isn't scenic like a lot of wineries - you're inside the caves the whole time - but they will give you as much wine as you can handle. Not cheap though. We went to Pineridge after Del Dotto and had Oakville grocery deliver sandwiches to us there for lunch. Pineridge has a few picnic tables where we were able to eat lunch and drink the wine we bought inside (Oakville has great sandwiches, and having them deliver to a winery can be a big time saver - they just charge something like $10). After Pineridge we finished the day with sparkling wines at Mumm. Mumm is in a beautiful location.

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                I also second the oakville grocery store as a food stop -