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May 1, 2008 09:18 PM

Crab Appetizer Question

hey everyone, so i have posted a question similar to this a few time recently. i am cooking dinner for my girlfriend and have a Latin sort of theme. the entree is mahi mahi with a pineapple avocado salad on top of green rice. i am having a nice Spanish wine with dinner.

my question is this; i would like an appetizer that goes well with the meal. i would like something somewhat light but full of flavor. the appetizer will be paired with a mojito. i was thinking of doing something with crab, or vegetables, both, or anything -- I'm completely open to suggestions. I would prefer not to do ceviche. also, if something thinks i should change the drink or has any suggestions on better Latin drinks, Spanish drinks, anything of the sort that would great.

thanks again everyone,
buon appetite

ama tutti, magia tutto.

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  1. I think a light crab salad with some sort of citrus vinaigrette would be perfect with a mojito. Take a look at these recipes. Personally, I think the first one looks fantastic, but it may be overkill on the avocado, if you're serving that with dinner as well. You could also do a crab empanada, but that's probably not considered "light".

    1. Do you have Penelope Casas' book "Tapas"? She has a lovely recipe for crab tartlets either simple -- crab, mayonnaise, chopped romaine in puff pastry tartlets. Or more complex adding minced piquillo pepper, dill or cornichons pickles, hard-boiled egg, and sweet onion. I would top w/ some herb or micro greens.

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        This is a wonderful Ellie Krieger recipe I've made a couple of times... very easy, healthy, and super delicious!

        Crab salad in wonton cups:

      2. Ok, you can flog me for suggesting a Rachael Ray recipe, but I found this on the web and it reminds me of an appetizer I had at Clio in Boston that I think would be perfect:

        1. With all the different types of food in the world, I wouldn't serve crab as a first course leading up to mahi mahi. What about something like prosciutto with melon wedges? Or in keeping with the Spanish theme, a nice super-chunky gazpacho with lime wedges and some bread sticks wrapped with hard salami as a starter. Some people like caprese salad (personally, I'm sick to death of basil and now afraid of Italian food because over the last year, if it's "Italian," all you can taste is basil!), and there are nice tomatoes available now. Maybe a few tapas to share before the fish? I would go for the gazpacho, but whatever you decide, there are lots of options without serving seafood twice.

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            Too much seafood? Blasphemy! I'd let my boyfriend serve me crab then mahi mahi anytime!

            I've always heard spanish albarino touted as a great fish wine, but I admit that I haven't had it. Might be worth looking into.

            Good luck!