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May 1, 2008 08:08 PM

Memorial Day in Hollywood

We are staying at the Westin Diplomat for that weekend. We will have our 11 and 14 yr olds with us, so we would like to know about restaurants that are affordable, but don't have those "chicken finger" type meals for kids. any decent chinese, italian and amrican places.what about places on the Broadwalk? Also, does anyone know of a good Sunday brunch? Thanks!!

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  1. u can check the restaurant at the Marriot Hotel in Hwood; just north of the Diplomat; it's on the broadwalk and beach and would be good for a light menu/brunch; not too fancy, but a good beachfront, casual spot;

    1. Sorry to say on the Broadwalk there isn't really too much to talk about. Sugar Reef is good, but a little overpriced for what it is (IMHO). The Marriott is okay, but the service not so great. If you want to be right on the beach and the weather is good, they are your best choices. Across the street (A1A) and on the Intracoastal you have Capone's Flickerlight which is Italian. The food, depending on what you order, is decent. My grandson loves it there for the food and the action on the water. Also right there you have Le Tub, which your kids will get a kick out of. They use toilets, bathtubs, etc. as decorative planters. Everyone loves their burgers and they have a killer seafood salad. They're not too kid friendly, but 11 and 14 should be fine. Also right along there you have Giorgio's Bakery. It's a very casual breakfast/lunch/dinner place with decent food. Just make sure you go to the Bakery and not the other more "formal" dining spot. Right there, too, is Opa, which I don't know if it's a good place for the kids. It's Greek food, which is pretty good, but it gets pretty crazy there as the evening progresses. Maybe someone on the board can comment on a good time to go for a family. Downtown Hollywood has a few decent places. I would recommend doing a search to see what your options are and what looks good to you. Have a good visit.

      1. Nikki Marina - across the street from the Westin Diplomat has a killer brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. A little pricey but worth every penny...

        There are lots of great restaurants in Downtown Hollywood, also a variety of different cuisines. It is lively and energetic on the weekends, check out for more specific info. Enjoy!

        1. I would skip Latitudes at the Marriott, nothing special. I like Sugar Reef (Broadwalk) for breakfast and lunch, not as much for dinner.
          I agree with Giorgio's Bakery for lunch. You can sit outside on the water and the food is good/inexpensive. Their breads are actually very good.
          Capone's Flicker Lite works for casual Italian. they serve good deep dish Pizza.
          Grab a burger at LeTub (cash only)
          Padrino's for Cuban
          Piola is a good spot for the kids.
          Fulvio's for upscale Italian
          Lola's on Harrison is also very good and serving lunch during the week
          For great ceviche try Goyo el Pollo

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            Chowfather, have you tried the ceviche at Pancho's?

            1. re: pilches

              I've been to Pancho's but I have not tried their ceviche. Should I?

              1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

                Definitely. It's not "traditional" Peruvian style like Pollo, but it is really tasty and always incredibly fresh.

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              I am going to agree with Giorgio's Bakery for lunch too, just be aware that the service sometimes is a little off. Not that it is bad, just sometime slow or not fully aware of what is going on. But the food is great, its right on the water (near North Lake too, so it is very scenic) and it won't break the bank.
              The other item to note, I believe Le Tub recently started accepting Credit Cards (It is not confirmed but I read somewhere else. And if not, they do have an ATM machine on premises).
              And lastly, no one has mentioned Florio's. It is a typical Italian beach joint, but it is right next to the Garfield Street Parking Garage. Easy parking, plus paddle ball courts and a water feature. Your kids may be too old for the water feature, but the paddle ball courts could work well.
              Sugar Reef is good too. For those not familiar with the Hollywood Broadwalk, check out the Sugar Reef webcam, this is your view while enjoying your meal:

            3. I ate at taco beach shack this weekend, across the street from Giorgio's Bakery. The food was solid and the atmostphere was great. I think it would be perfect with your boys.