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May 1, 2008 08:04 PM

one dinner and one breakfast in balmer

im driving down from nyc to see a show at ottobar next sat night and would like to take my cousin out for dinner beforehand.

i had a girlfriend who i spent a bit of time in baltimore with...we went to abacrombie fine foods, paper moon, helmand...but thats pretty much it.

i was thinking of trying to restaurant at brewer's art since i love the bar whenever i go down's the food? all of the reviews are pretty old.

is marticks worth going to? anything close to ottobar?

thx in advance.

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  1. The food at Brewer's Art is good. They have changed chefs quite a bit so I wonder what the most recent review is that you read. I would recommend it, but there are certainly plenty of other places you may like, as well. However, skip Martick's - although people are nostalgic for it the food is subpar.

    Since you're going to Ottobar, you could have dinner in Hampden. I'm making a wild guess here but I have a strong sense you'd dig Rocket to Venus. Also consider Dogwood. Afterwards, drinks at Dizzy Issies!

    1. Brewer's Art has a bar menu, which includes a delicious burger and everyone's favorite fries in Baltimore (at least my favorite). They'll actually cook your burger med-rare too. I haven't been the main restaurant in awhile so I can't comment on that. But the rest of the bar menu is usually pretty good. I've had great mussels and caesar salad and some good soups.

      Marticks is worth going to for the crazy atmosphere and the fact that you'll be pretty sure that you're trying to enter an abandoned crack house. I've only been once, but none of the food we got was spectacular or even very good.

      I think Joe Squared pizza is also close-ish to Ottobar. I love their pizza, it's very very thin. But the people I know from NYC tend to be crazy about pizza, so I'm never confident about recommending it :)

      You should search the boards for breakfast recs, there are tons of threads on it.

      1. A few chowhounds got together at Brewer's Art a couple of weeks ago and ate off the bar menu. It was pretty tasty. I had the three sausage platter, and shared an order of the fries with another. I can't remember what the other two had, but maybe they'll chime in.

        And the beer is amazing.

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          I've eaten in the restaurant part of Brewer's Art a couple times, and really enjoyed the food. Plus, as the previous poster mentioned, the beer is amazing.