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May 1, 2008 08:02 PM

white chocolate questions

i normally dont like white chocolate because it doesn't taste good, but i have some chocolate molds that would be perfect for white chocolate- problem is that when i try to melt my chocolate (i did it the same way i melt dark chocolate, a stainless steel bowl over boiling water) it solidified into this chalky white clump.

i don't know anything about white chocolate, is there anything i should know about melting white chocolate into molds?

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  1. I wish I could help more, but my two cents on this subject are that there are different varieties of white chocolate and some are probably far superior for molding and/or baking. A lot of white chocolates out there are simply sugar and a lot of hydrogenated oils that could quickly turn solid once they drop below melting temperature, which depending on how much hydrogenated oil is in there, can happen very you may have to whisk more frequently than when melting regular chocolate, and you may have to add something with a lower melting point to emulsify it, like butter.

    1. What you want to look for is white chocolate with actual COCOA BUTTER in it - that's the key to good melting. The other versions have mostly palm kernels - and they mostly stink, in terms of melting. :)