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May 1, 2008 07:49 PM

Restaurants in OldTown Pasadena

What would be a nice restaurant in old town pasadena for Prom?

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  1. For prom eh ... then I assume you want something fancy and kinda romantic?
    Maybe Italian? Like Mi Piace? There's also good fancy chinese at Yujean Kang's
    The Melting Pot would be fun? Or Sushi Roku ..
    (there isn't anything I really LOVE in old town Pas ...)

    Does it have to be in old town? Otherwise there's Maison Akira, Bistro 45 and the Raymond...


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    1. re: burumun

      Stay away from Melting Pot. It's absolutely horrible and way over priced.

    2. Does it have to be in Old Town? If so, best bets might be Twin Palms or JJ Steakhouse, neither of which is all that great, but they are actually in Old Town.

      If you can stray outside the friendly confines of Colorado Blvd., I would suggest the Dining Room at the Langham (nee Ritz Carlton).

      Other places outside, but close to, Old Town to consider would be Arroyo Chophouse, Madaleine's, or Parkway Grill.

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        oh yeah forgot abt those. I'd second Arroyo Chophouse, one of my fave steak places.

        The Langham would be a bit further south than the rest of the abovementioned restaurants.

      2. I've seen a couple of prom dinners at Twin Palms. A wine bistro like Red White + Bluezz would be great, but prom diners tend to be underage, and so the wine is useless. Perhaps something like Villa Sorriso or JJ's.

        1. Neomeze. Great food, music du jour from the the lounge area.

          1. madeleine's and maison akira are both not too far from old town.