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May 1, 2008 07:14 PM

Need last min table for two- amazing food, wine and atmosphere essential

I made tentative reservations at Commerce, Bar Blanc, Bouley, Alta, and L'Impero. Problem is, all reservations are for 6pm which is way too early. Ideally, I'm looking to book a table for us around 7 or 7:30... any suggestions?

Out of all these places, which one would you recommend for a great first date dinner?

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  1. I suggest Apizz...You shouldn't have a problem getting a table at 7.

    1. Try the orchard, you should be fine getting a table for two

      1. Presuming this is for today (Friday), a quick check of OpenTable shows that Fleur de Sel has a 7 p.m. res. Superb cuisine, an excellent wine list, professional service, and a small, cozy space.